If you do not know what type of hair to choose for extensions, we recommend that you pay attention to Russian hair extensions. It is chic, absolutely natural hair, which will please both clients and stylists with a great choice of shades and also the possibility to do the extensions in any convenient technique: fusions, tape-ins or hand-tied wefts.

Let’s compare Russian hair extensions with other popular raw materials.

We hope that, after reading this article, you will make the right decision.

Russian Hair Extension Pros and Cons

We believe that Russian hair extensions have the best quality-price ratio in the market.

And here’s why:

  • All natural raw materials collected from donors in Russia and Ukraine.
  • Natural look: such strands will “blend” into natural hair, so no one will guess that your clients did something with their hairstyle.
  • A wide variety of shades, including cold blonde. Besides, such strands can be colored in any trendy technique. If you want to color or tint your locks, we recommend you to use the services of a professional colorist. Otherwise, you risk damaging them.
  • A wide range of structures: from perfectly straight to wavy and curly.
  • Delicate handling and a long life-span. Unlike cheap raw materials from the Asian market, treated aggressively and then covered with silicone “for beauty purposes”, quality Russian hair extensions go through gentle processing and strict quality control. One of the features of this treatment is that the strands are arranged in the direction of the hair cuticles, as well as carefully combed. Thanks to the right approach, the natural structure of the hair is preserved and its life-span is increased as it is not damaged during processing.
  • A delicate, healthy shine that looks totally natural, unlike artificial mirror  glow that characterizes silicone-treated products.
  • Absolute comfort.  Another advantage of this product is the thickness of hair. They are perfect for almost all customers, making the process of wearing as comfortable as possible.
  • Any extension technique. This raw material is suitable for any extension technique: fusions, tape-ins or sew-in extensions. It will be easy for you to choose what is best for your clients and will also be convenient for you in work!

We’ve done with the pros. It’s time to consider the cons of this product.

In fact, there are a few. Well, it’s just one. It’s the price of these raw materials, which might seem inflated against the background of Chinese products. However, taking into account all advantages of such material, you will understand that the price is fully justified!

You can purchase Russian hair extensions on the site of a Canadian brand I Love Slavic Hair.

Here you will be offered the best products, which are in demand of the top stylists of the USA and Canada, aiming to make their work high quality, beautiful and safe for the clients.

Chinese Hair Extension Pros and Cons

The only advantage of Chinese hair is its low cost.

Unfortunately, this material has no other advantages:

  • Very tight and rigid strands that don’t fit our hair structure. Because of that, they look too fake and are very visible in natural hair.
  • Difficult to color because it is originally very dark. You can hardly find a beautiful blonde in the range.
  • An unnatural mirror glow, unusual for natural hair.
  • Over-processing. A lot of silicone is used on the hair to make it look shiny and healthy. Once it is washed off (and this will happen very quickly), the strands become dull, dry and messy, so it is very difficult to even brush through . There is no question of long service!

Brazilian Hair Extension Pros and Cons

Among the benefits of this raw material is its affordable price and more natural look, compared to Chinese hair.

But there are more cons than pros:

  • Hard processing, which is the same as in the Asian market, damages the natural structure of the strands.
  • Unnatural gloss and short life of such raw materials.
  • Structure. Most of the strands are thick and almost always curly, which are not suitable for all clients.

Opt for Russian hair extensions – they are easy and pleasant to work with, and they are the most comfortable in wearing and will last your customers for a long time! With these products you don’t have to worry that customers will be unhappy with the quality of your service!