7 signs that you need to change your pillowcase!


How do you know you need to change your pillowcase?  The bed would be anyone’s best comfort zone which no one would ever want to leave. They are so relaxing. But, we should not forget that not changing our pillowcase can take a toll on our skin and hair.

This is why you need to change your pillowcase

7 signs that you need to change your pillowcase

So, here are seven signs which indicate that time has come for you to change your pillowcase.

1.  A lot of faces and upper back acne

Letting our pillow absorb dirt and oil may block the pores of our skin which may give rise to unappealing acne. This is the reason due to which we should change our pillow case once a week to stay away from unwanted acne.

2. Unwanted wrinkles.

Not sleeping in a right position or on a clean pillow, there are chances that it may fade away the glow of your face. Rough cotton pillows may create unwanted wrinkles.

3. Hair breakage.

If your hair falls too much due to the rough pillow, then it’s a sign.

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4. Your hair and skin feel dry when you wake up.

There is a probability that the oil from your skin might penetrate into the pillow thereby, making your skin dry when you wake up coupled with wrinkles and lines on your face.

5. You scratch your face as you wake up.

You might be allergic to the fabric of your pillow or the detergent that is used. But, you can use a hypo-allergic cleaner that is not scented.

6. You go to your bed with wet hair.

If you sleep with wet hair, it will create a friction between the wet hair and your rough pillow; it will make your hair more frizzy! Or else, you can tie your hair in a ponytail to secure it in a place.

7.  Hair is getting all tangled up.

If you wake up with your hair all tangled up, then you need to change your rough pillowcase into a silk pillow to wake up.

So, get up and change your pillowcase now !!!