We have all been traveling to famous and popular places around the world during vacations. But, there are strange and cool places to visit that you never knew about. These excellent places range from the volcanoes of Idaho to the cabins in the freezing arctic. A swinging sphere as a room in Vancouver, Mongolian camels, Kenya’s Giraffe Manor or an underwater hotel, welcome to an eerily adventurous part of the world.

1. Arctic Diving

Strange and cool places to visit that you never knew about

This trip can be one of the most thrilling adventures that you can have this year. Diving in extreme weather conditions is undoubtedly the craziest expedition, with polar bears and arctic wildlife all around the land and wild sea creatures inside the sea. You would need to travel up to Spitsbergen, Norway, from where you will be taken as close as five hundred miles south of the North Pole. Get ready for the coolest (literally) adventure of your life.

2. The Poison Garden, England

Strange and cool places to visit that you never knew about

What is the most thrilling adventure you have ever had? Nothing can match The Poison Garden inside the Alnwick Garden in northern England when it comes to dangerous adventures. Duchess Jane Percy established the park in 2005. The black iron entrance gates of this garden read, ” These plants can kill.” You are not allowed to touch or smell any plant here as it can be life-threatening to you. You cannot take the warning for granted as the plants inside this garden are extremely poisonous. In 2014, seven people fainted from smelling the toxic fumes from some of the plants.

3. Izu Island, Japan

Strange and cool places to visit that you never knew about

Izu Island in Japan is a weird yet beautiful place to visit. By law, you must wear a mask at all times on this island because this island has an active volcano right in the middle. Sulphuric gases, smoke, and ash spew out of the crater of the volcano which can be toxic. However, the spectacular landscape attracts people from all around the world.

4. Craters Of The Moon National Monument And Preserve

Strange and cool places to visit that you never knew about

Craters of the Moon National Reserve is a vast national park in the north-western state of the USA, Idaho, which is full of volcanoes and wilderness. You can see the lava flows which are well preserved in this national park. Travelers call it a ‘weird and undaunting’ place to visit.

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5. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Strange and cool places to visit that you never knew about

This castle lies in Edinburgh, Scotland which preserves the vibrant and enchanting medieval history of Britain. For centuries, Edinburgh Castle was home to Scottish Royalty followed by an army base for the British army until the 1920s. Howsoever exciting the place may seem, this castle is haunted by ‘shadowy figures’ and ‘sudden drops in temperature’ as some visitors have reported.

6.  Halloween Tour, Transylvania

Strange and cool places to visit that you never knew about

Lying in the heart of Romania, Europe, the Halloween trip to Transylvania is undoubtedly the best place for Halloween enthusiasts.  For this trip, you need to be above 12 years of age. The 7-day tour is a breathtaking journey wherein you visit Dracula’s birthplace in Sighisoara Citadel. Regardless of how much fun one may have in the daytime, the real fun starts in the night time, at midnight,  with all the spooky and eerie stuff on board.

7. FreeSpirit Spheres, Canada

Strange and cool places to visit that you never knew about

In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada you can spend your night inside these spherical tree-houses. Best suited for couples, you will need to spoon with your room partner in these comfortable tree-houses. You will feel like a baby being swayed by the lush forests and wildlife.

8. Camouflaging Tree-Houses, Sweden.

For those who enjoy spending some time in nature in the wildest form, these tree-hotels in Sweden are ideal. You can get a breathtaking view of the Lule River Valley from these hotels. They come in a variety of shapes; ranging from bird’s nest (pictured above) to a UFO.  A trip to this place is the best way to befriend nature.

9. Cultural Tour, Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a little-known country in Central Asia. However, its cultural history is vibrantly rich. A tour of this place will brief you all about its cultural and historic legacy. You will be able to see the historic sites and wild natural beauty along the Silk Road. There is also an option to camp near a giant natural flaming gas hole in the ground known locally as ‘Darvaza’ or “Door to Hell’.

10. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

What can be more exciting than giraffes visiting you during the mornings and evenings? The Giraffe Manor is located in a suburb of Nairobi, Kenya. Sometimes, the giraffes stick their heads in windows to get treats from the visitors. Don’t be frightened with their long sticky tongues; these giraffes are friendly towards humans.

11.  Jule’s Undersea Hotel, Florida

Have you ever wondered if there was an undersea hotel? Well, there exists an (only) underwater hotel in Key Largo, Florida. This hotel has all the amenities of a hotel, but to reach the hotel, you will need to scuba dive twenty-one feet below the sea surface. You can see the creatures from the windows and, sometimes people waving while they deliver stuff, even pizza, to you.

12. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland.

What is better than a snow igloo? A warm and cozy glass igloo with a see-through ceiling. The Kakslauttenen resort in Finland is ideal for those who yearn to see the Northern Lights, the spectacular natural light show in the night sky near the Northern Pole. These lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, only occur from August to April, so, you need to plan accordingly.

13.  Five-Day Icy Vacation, Greenland

A perfect blend of icy fjords, sea travel, and whale watching, this five-day vacation in Greenland is one of its kind. This tour can be the best trip to take during summer vacations. You will be residing in an adorable coastal town known as Ilulissat, which is known for its huge icebergs and breathtaking views.

14. Camel Festival, Mongolia

Mongolia is known for its wilderness and especially the Bactrian camels. Speaking of camels, you can visit Mongolia during the Camel Festival which takes place in the Gobi Desert, a vast desert in Mongolia shared by China. This festival includes traditional Mongolian food, music, costume competitions, dancing and, of course, camel racing. You may even get a chance to race with other competitors if you are lucky enough.

So which place are you visiting this year? It’s a hard choice to make. Share with your friends and check which site they would want to go.