Check Out The Cutest Summer Hairstyles By Janina And Bella


Cutest summer hairstyles-We are now halfway through the summer. Everybody wants to look super cute. Most of you need ideas that can you have a fantastic time while looking super cute on such days. In this article, we have brought for you two vloggers from whom you can take inspiration to hit in these summer days. The vloggers are Jania Vela and ThatsBella.

Cutest summer hairstyles

Cutest summer hairstyles by janina and bella

In this picture, Janina Vella is with night-out waves at a music festival.

The music festivals are a craze with a good reason. It is a huge party aside from the excellent performances. Music festivals are the best reason for us to dress up. We all look beautiful and get ready beautifully to the next level. To get the knowledge and views about the music festivals, take a look at Janina’s experience at wonderland music festival.

YouTube video

She has not only managed to keep her makeup fresh and her night-out waves bouncy all the day but she also got a witness for surprise proposal on the stage.

The below is the picture Janina is travelling with a bun to another city.

It is the travel bun, the laid-back version of your elegant ballerina bun. The travel bun is the top knot made with a half ponytail. It looks perfect in flaunty curly hair. This hairstyle seems adventurous and also carefree. To look effortless or carefree, wear this style of travel bun like Janina.

Here below we have Bella. It’s her video while doing sports with her Barkada with a different hairstyle. She wore workout braids.

If you have a shared bucket list, then it will keep you and your friend preoccupied for the rest of time of summer. As ThatsBella and her friends had the bucket list for their summer, and they had planned to do some biking and rock climbing. The best things for her looks were that she wore a braided ponytail, we can also say this hairstyle as workout braid. She wore this hairstyle so that she would be comfortable and carefree and look cute for all the day. The below is the picture in which ThatsBella is in a Gimik half ponytail for a casual Barkada hangout with her friends.

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Initially, she wore a braided pony and then for the casual hangout with her friends she switched from braided pony to Gimik half pony. It is a relaxed hairstyle for a cute relaxing time with friends. She tried to fish with her Barkada but her cute looks made this activity look so much chill with friends. It was a casual hangout with friends after biking and rock climbing.

That’s not enough for summer. You can even try out your planned activities to hang out with your friends. The one thing you need to make sure before you list out the events to do for the summer that your hair should be capable of handling the pleasure of all such activities.

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I hope you all would enjoy your summer thoroughly, and carefree.