Streetwear fashion trends have evolved over the years, starting from their popularity in the 1990s. The style emphasizes comfort while appearing composed despite the casual and simple pieces. It’s quite a popular trend that hasn’t left thanks to known brands releasing streetwear-inspired clothing regularly.

People of all genders could try out this style even if it were initially associated with men. Implementing the elements of streetwear is easy enough to incorporate into your wardrobe. You can turn your comfy and casual outfits into Instagram-worthy looks with some effort. Check out these tips to help you:

1. Get Loose

Loose clothing is one of the key features of streetwear fashion. Since this style draws inspiration from hip-hop and skater culture, many pieces aren’t form-fitting to give way to freedom of movement.

You can enhance your style by adding more loose-fit clothing to your wardrobe. Include essential streetwear pieces like customized graphic-print tshirts and untucked button-up tops. Your outfits will look better if you pick tops in one size larger than your usual shirt size. The great thing about loose clothing is that you can play it up with accessories, whether jewelry, bags, or other layers.

2. Learn Some Layering

Streetwear outfits already look well put together with high-quality loose-fitting tops, but one extra layer brings together the whole street-inspired look. Since most shirts and sweaters are pretty thin, you could add more bulk to your outfit by layering thicker clothing over them.

Some pieces you can choose that still fit the style are puffer or bomber jackets and windbreakers. Parkas are also a great outer layer for your winter outfits when your favorite sweater won’t cut it. Anything that isn’t too structured should ideally amplify your shirt-and-jeans combination. 

Don’t scrimp on the accessories, either. The simplest outfits can go to the next level with a few well-placed pieces. Harnesses, chains, reflective gear, and tactical belts make excellent additions to an otherwise plain look.

You could also test the colors of each piece and experiment with which palettes attract and flatter you. This is the fun part of layering since you can incorporate so many things into one outfit, making it look different every time.

3. Experiment With Colors

Neutral colors are staples in any fashion style, including streetwear. But streetwear gives you more freedom for experimentation. Trends from the 90s gave fashionistas worldwide bright neon colors that may seem tacky on other styles but work best on street styles. Go bold with vibrant yellows, greens, and pinks to stand out in a crowd.

Nowadays, however, many people prefer wearing top-and-bottoms sets in the same patterns or colors. This is an effortless method to achieve street fashion for those who find it tiring to mix and match every day. If you don’t have a matching set, wearing clothes in the same tones works well. Doing this gives your outfit uniformity. You can don a statement cap or a belt bag with your coordinates to keep it from looking bland.

You can always use any color combination, though colors follow a few rules. The trick to testing out different palettes is to choose colors that complement each other, like blue and orange. Or pair a vibrant piece with something more subdued and neutral such as black joggers or denim jeans.

4. Pick a Pair of Pants

One decent pair of bottoms can go a long way if you know how to style them and maintain their quality. Some pieces are also easy to mix and match if you’d rather invest in a few pairs of pants.

Your best bets for bottoms are jeans, joggers, chinos, or khakis. Some styles come in baggy cuts that fit the essence of street fashion. Everyone’s closet should include a good pair of jeans since you can pair them with most clothes and shoes. Chinos make perfect everyday bottoms for those who don’t prefer to wear jeans daily. Meanwhile, if you’re into athleisure fashion, joggers are very comfy and are great for showing off your footwear.

5. Play With Proportions

While street fashion is known for its loose, boxy, and masculine silhouettes, there’s no legitimate rule to keep it that way. This is a flexible style in which you can experiment with shapes to change your look drastically without feeling too overwhelmed.  

You could pair your loose-fitting shirts or sweaters with straight-cut pants to add balance to your fashion ensemble. Don’t worry about feeling constricted. Slim-fit jeans are slightly tapered but are comfortable enough for street style and come in various prints and colors. Try folding up the cuffs to emphasize your shoes, too.

6. Focus on Footwear

Like most fashion styles, statement footwear is a must. And because street fashion prioritizes comfort over everything else, sneakers are the primary choice. White appears to be the chosen shoe color for streetwear enthusiasts because of its versatility. But you’re free to pick other colors, too, to match your outfits.

Streetwear sneakers can range from low-cut to high-cut. Most athletic and high-end brands provide shoes in these styles nowadays, so you have various designs to choose from. However, you don’t need to splurge on good-quality sneakers. There are plenty of shoes available under the USD$100 mark, and many of these sneakers have 5-star reviews. You’re sure you’re getting an excellent, eye-catching pair that’s been tried, tested, and loved by like-minded people. 

7. Buy New Socks

If you’re going to invest in shoes, you mustn’t forget socks. Socks protect your feet and add a hint of personality to your overall streetwear outfit.

Crew socks are perfect partners for most sneakers. These socks stop in the middle of your calf, giving themselves the spotlight when you’re wearing chinos or joggers. Ensure that you get those that fit you precisely to avoid it from sliding down to your ankles with every step you take. Nowadays, socks also come in quirky prints that add more fun and edge to your choice of street style.  

Socks aren’t ridiculously expensive, but if you want to maintain their quality for longer, you must wash and dry them properly, especially if they’re made of wool. 

In Conclusion

Streetwear pieces are easy to find in most clothing stores. Hence, it shouldn’t be any trouble for you to take your outfits to another level, even if you’re on a budget. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match pieces to get that confidence boost you need. 

Street fashion is a simple style anyone can pull off, so it’s worthy of photoshoots in a studio or on the streets.