How to Wear a Watch with Style

Gentlemen who are conscious in style recognize the influence of the most subtle and simplest of accessories. From an elegant suit to a sleek belt, the simple...

Dirndl: History of Traditional German Dress of the 1800’s

Dirndls are a popular German ladies’ dress worn across Europe. Before the 1870s, they were worn by mostly housemaids and female servants. After the 1870’s though they...

Why Do Men Love Plus-Sized Sugar Babies?

Nowadays, sugar daddy dating is getting more and more popular in highly developed countries, usually, people might think all sugar babies on these sites are sexy skinny...
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The Ultimate List Of Affordable Plus Size Clothing

Wondering where to shop for your body shape? Women who need comfort, practically and style will enjoy these several different fashion sites! Being a plus size woman...

How To Feel Confident and Comfortable In Your Own Body

Feeling confident is the key to almost everything in life. You will feel a lot better in your skin if you can walk with your head held...
Plus size woman dressed in shorts

What Not To Wear If You Are Plus Size Woman

Shopping for your body shape can get hard because often we are not aware of what suits us. At one moment faux fur is in and in...

Get Ready For Your Date Night with this Awesome Dress and Accessories

Not too sure what to wear on your big date night? No worries, this article has your back. If you are a fan of good old statement...
Striped Dress

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

We all want a wardrobe filled with body-flattering options, don't we? However, dressing up for your body shape can sometimes be hard, expensive, and definitely challenging. But...
Skinny Jeans

Head To Toe Plus Size OOTD During Winter

Looking stylish and chic during the winter period can be challenging and demanding, especially if you are not too sure where to shop. Women nowadays, especially plus...

Dressing up for Uber and Lyft

If you are considering driving for Uber and/or Lyft, then you need to prepare yourself to succeed and maintain a good star rating. Now star ratings are...

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