8 Common Lipstick Mistakes You Probably Don’t Even Know You’re Making


Lipstick Mistakes-When it comes to makeup, lipstick is THE essential product. Sometimes you don’t even need more than a little kohl/liner and one swipe of your favorite lip color, and you’re all set to walk out the door.

You may think that you have an excellent lipstick game because you just have been doing it for a long time now. But what if I tell you’ve been doing it wrong all along? Scroll on to find out the lipstick mistakes you probably are doing right now.

8 Common Lipstick Mistakes

Mistake #1: Layering Chapped Lips

 Lipstick Mistakes

 If you currently have chapped lips, trying to cover it with lipstick only makes matters worse. I know it can be tempting to cover that dryness up, but this is the time you should be more focused on healing rather than short-term fixes & you must avoid lipsticks mistakes that you were doing before. Stay hydrated and apply Vaseline or a good quality lip-balm over it. If you still want the color just go for a tinted lip balm.

Mistake #2: Ignoring Exfoliation

Exfoliating is a necessity when it comes to keeping your lips healthy. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin, leaving your lips soft and smooth for an excellent application.

Mistake #3: Undermining The Liner

Lip lining before applying lipstick is an absolute must. It not only makes the outlines of your more defined but also helps your lipstick last longer.

Mistake #4: Too Much Lip Liner

As I mentioned in the above point, I stand by lip lining before applying color, but just like any other right thing in the world, too much of it can cause mayhem. After all, you don’t want full coverage of lip liners, or else what is the point of buying those expensive lipsticks in the first place?

Mistake #5: Too Intense Lip Color

Your lip liner must match your lipstick, or should be in the vicinity of shade or two darker if you’re good at blending the two of them up nicely. But, if you’re going for a dark brown lip liner with your rose-red lipstick shade, you’re most likely to end up looking like Cruella from 101 Dalmatians. We don’t want to scare cute puppies, now, do we?

Mistake #6: Carelessly Picking The Lip Shade

Trust me, I love the subtle shade of baby pink as much as the next girl, but if it doesn’t look good on my lips with my olive skin tone, then what’s the point of putting it on. Makeup is supposed to enhance my beauty not the opposite. Just like your foundation shade, your lipstick shades choices too should be very considerate of your skin tone.

Mistake #7: Overdoing

Makeup in general, when overdone, draws attention but for all the wrong reasons. It can give people a false impression of your personality, which is conflicting because we use makeup and our clothing to express ourselves, showing off who we are as a person. It makes you appear as if you’re trying to hind behind the layers of makeup.