9 Best Food Products That Are Full Of Surprises


Facts about food products-Well, in the technological world it is easy to hide everyday products. This technology is to protect the traps. And we even do not bother to read the information on the products before using them. We ignore those labels and think that we are well-defined to those products. But on the other hand, they turn out to be wrong. Here we are with fantastic facts for you, and it must be according to the products that we eat in everyday life.

We prepare the Pringles from potatoes.

8 Facts about food products that can surprise you

Let’s see some of the surprising facts about food products

In actual the chips that we eat are from the particular kind of dough. It consists of rice, wheat, cornflour, and the dehydrated flakes of the potatoes. It is the thin dough that turns out to be fried, sprayed, and dried with those powdered spices. It also consists of many other enhancers of the flavor.

Almonds, pistachios, and peanuts are not the nuts.

Well, it is from a positive point of view of the botany. In actual according to the definition of the nut, it is a fruit that is present inside the hard shell. But it does not get open in the natural conditions in any of the case. The real nuts are the hazelnuts, acorns, and cashew nuts. In actual the almond is the seed, and the peanut belongs to the family of legumes. Walnuts, pistachios, and pine nuts are the stones and the seeds.

Carrots can be of different colors.

Well, according to the 17th century, people used orange carrots in the form of vegetables. But before the 17th century, the color of carrots was definite because it consists of purple, white, and red color carrots.

We cannot pack 100% natural fruit juice.

In actual the fruits are full of oxygen, and we deprive it while packing. And then they lose real taste and its smell when we conduct the procedure. And it is the reason why the manufacturers will add on the aromatizers and the food additives. Thus we cannot say that the juice is pure or natural.

Oat flakes are not the natural ones we consider

We consider that the oat flakes are healthy for us. And especially the case is for the dry oats. We hardly use the chemicals. In the year 2010, there was a law established in the USA. It was the law against the famous company of the oat flakes. It states that oat flakes consist of the dangerous components which are harmful to us to eat like that of trans fats. And then the company got accused of false advertising.

The syrup of maple is for an advertisement.

We all consider that the maple syrup is right for human health. And we think it to be the best alternative used after sugar. But the bottle is cheap. It might even consist of the preservatives and artificial flavors.

It is not that easy to get the real olive oil from the modern shops.

Olive oil is healthy for you. It is useful, but you cannot get it as you want from the ordinary shop. You must be careful while buying such a product. It was the law by the National Consumer League which states that the two-third bottle of the oil contains soyabean oil along with the olive oil.

Coffee is never caffeine-free.

When the talk is about coffee, then it would give you many advantages and disadvantages. If the doctor would ask you to go for expelling all the products, then it would be to stimulate the nervous system. Hence you need to remember that the pack of each caffeine coffee consists of 0.01 to 3% of the caffeine.

Fitness bars are healthy.

Well, these bars consist of a vast amount of sugar, rapeseed oil, cornflour, and salt. It is not much healthy for you to eat. And even the manufacturer uses different chemicals to dry these flakes. And it is the reason why there was the law against the company to write it to be 100% natural product on the label.