Guava And Its Leaf Can Cure Many Ailments And Can Keep You Healthy.


Benefits of guava-Many of you have must see this fruit and might have tasted it. In case you haven’t tasted it we bring you a lot more benefits of guava fruit. The nutrition doesn’t lie in the fruit but also in its leaf. It has been said right that “An Apple a Day Keeps the doctor away.”But the westerners follow the tradition “A few guavas eaten in the season can keep the doctor away from all the right reasons.”

Benefits of guava:

1. Weight loss:

Benefits of guava

Guava is the right fruit for the weight watchers. This fruit is rich in proteins and vitamins; one need not compromise on nutrition. It is cholesterol free and has low amounts of carbohydrates. It keeps the hunger away. The wealth of the nutrients found in this fruit regulates metabolism and promotes the proper absorption of nutrients.

2. Diabetes:

Benefits of guava the patients suffering from blood pressure, but it also benefits patients with diabetes as well. High level of dietary fiber helps in the absorption of sugar in the body.

3. Eyesight:

Guava contains Vitamin A, which is very important for eye health. Eating guava helps in slowing down cataracts, macular degeneration and improves the general health of the eye.

4. Lower Risks Of Cancer:

It inhibits the growth of cancerous cells. Studies have linked the benefits of guava to prostate cancer, breast cancer or oral cancer. Guava leaf oil is an antiproliferative substance and is known to be more effective than modern medicines.

5. Scurvy:

Guava is rich in astringents(the nutrient that keeps your gums tight and fit). These astringents are alkaline in nature and help in curing dysentery by inhibiting microbial growth and by removing extra mucus from the intestines. Gastroenteritis can also be treated by the consumption of this fruit.

6. Thyroid:

The fruit is a good source of copper which helps in regulating thyroid metabolism by controlling hormone production.

The seeds of this fruit act as mild laxatives which helps in the smooth bowel movements. Good health depends on the proper digestion, and frequent consumption of this fruit can ensure this.

7. Benefits of Guava Leaf:

To maintain your teeth and gums, simply chew 1 to 2 guava leaves every day. A homemade wash can be made by boiling 5 to 6 guava leaves in water. After this solution cools down, add some salt and wash your mouth daily.

8. Prevents hair loss and Promotes Hair Growth:

Guava leaves are very helpful in controlling the hair fall. Boil a few guava leaves in water and after the solution cools down, massage your hairs thoroughly with it.