Pinky Power: 9 Not-So-Small and Incredible Facts About Your Pinky Finger


Facts About Your Pinky Finger-Palmistry or palm reading is one of the most popular modes of foretelling the future, proving that our palms are not only for facepalms or high-fives but also significant in telling more about a person. But we bet you didn’t know about the same power found just above your palms. It’s the little one that’s always barely noticed, the one we usually call cute or tiny. Yep, it’s your pinky finger! In this article, you’ll learn how to appreciate these facts about the littlest man on your hand!

1. The Finger of the Gods

Okay, first off: One fascinating info about the pinky finger is that it’s associated with the messenger of the Greek Gods, the cunning trickster, Hermes. In ancient Greek Mythology, he’s known as someone with flawless communication skills who fleets effortlessly across realms and places to deliver messages. Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian god of wisdom and Loki, Ancient Norse’s god of mischief are also similar figures. But one thing that’s common between Hermes and your pinky is, well, their both short!

9 Facts About Your Pinky Finger

9 Facts About Your Pinky Finger

2. Mighty Munchkin

We may tend to overlook our pinkies, but when this little guy gets hurt, your grip and the strength in your hands will decrease to 50%! Don’t believe us? Science does! And you can’t argue with science!

3. The Crooked Crook

In another field of science, scientists believe that curved pinkies are signs of autism. A study of around 600 subjects reveals that this physical flaw may be a manifestation that could lead to autism. Short pinkies with double-looped fingerprints are also possible signs of this.

4. What the Bend Meant

It turns out that a curved or bent pinky is more dangerous than we thought. Not only is it a possible sign of autism, but it may also suggest more than 60 health syndromes, such as Down Syndrome, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, etc.

5. Pinky Promise Pact

Pinky promises are oaths we used to take when we were kids to swear to keep our word or tell the truth. Little did we know that this innocent act of swearing has its more severe and brutal origin. It started in Japan way back in the 1600’s. The pinky promise is a meaningful oath that if one of the other breaks, his/her pinky shall be cut off. Yikes!

6. Pinky Point

This belief may sound a bit weird, but apparently, a woman with a flexible pinky finger can use it to point out the man she likes, flexing her finger towards him. Wait, what?

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7. Shorter Than Short and Shy

Some people have pinkies that are shorter than the top line of their ring finger. These people are usually introverts who tend to be reserved and shy. They aren’t that good with strangers, and often, have low self-confidence and tight lips about their thoughts and feelings. However, these are the kind and caring people.

8. Just in Line and Just Right

Maybe you have a pinky that’s just as high as the line on your ring finger. Well, congratulations! That means you have a well-balanced life. You’re very kind and generous, always ready to help. But you don’t let anyone take advantage of you. That’s the way to go!

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9. Bigger and Bolder

If your pinky is taller than your ring finger’s top line, it means that you’re a person who can control their emotions. You’re creative and hard-working, always trying to achieve your dreams in life. You’re very dedicated and will stop at nothing, but sometimes you tend to rub off as rude.