Home-made Soothing Bath Salts in Six Easy Steps


Soothing bath salts-You may remember the times when you’ve dipped in the ocean and came out feeling fresh, your skin feeling soft and smooth. The salt water isn’t only useful in cleansing the skin; it’s also great for softening the cracks and roughness on your heels.

Doesn’t the beach sound good? Maybe just spend the day relaxing on the warm sand and taking a splash in the water? Or maybe, if you don’t have enough time to go to the beach or a resort, just a long hot and stress-relieving bath to take your mind off things?

Come to think of it; you realize that adding bath salts to your already lovely bath would add the perfect touch! Not only does it smell nice, but it’s also as effective as salt water from the ocean!

But wait, you’d have to rush to the store to buy a jar or two. Fear not! Here we are again providing you with your go-to and easy DIY beauty routines and products!

Best soothing bath salts

soothing bath salts

Alright, start grabbing these from your shelves and cabinets, because you’re going to need them!

1. Sea salt

2. Fennel seeds

3. Olive Oil

4. Coconut Oil or Vitamin E Oil

5. An Empty Bowl

6. An Empty Jar to Store 

7. Food Coloring (Take your pick!)

8. Vanilla Pods or Essence

Here’s what you need to do with them:

Step One: First, you’ll need your empty bowl. Take about three-fourths to one-fourth of sea salts and scoop them in it.

Step Two: After that, depending on how strong you’d like the fragrance to be, add a teaspoon of fennel seeds. Maybe more, it’s up to you.

Step Three: Then pour a little coconut oil. If you like it light and non-sticky, try Coconut Oil with Aloe Vera Gel.

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Step Four: Now it’s time for the Olive Oil to shine. Pour a little of that into the mixture.

Step Five: Then add a few drops of vanilla essence or vanilla pods, whichever you have with you.

Step Six: Now, for a dash of colour: this is where your food colouring will come in handy. Add a few drops and mix well.

How to Use it and Why

Your home-made bath salt is now ready to use, just make sure to store it in a travel bottle or an airtight container. See? Easy and fun to make and will guarantee to help you relax and feel smooth while smelling good! All you have to do is soak away in the tub with these babies, and voila! Relaxation!

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And if you’re still not convinced about the ingredients, here are a few things that might help:

Sea Salt

  • Jampacked with minerals like sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, etc.
  • It treats your skin right. (Rough skin? Sea salt will take care of that!)
  • Nature’s gift (meaning it’s all natural)
  • Dead skin cells are afraid of it
  • Body toxins are scared of it too
  • It helps increase your blood circulation
  • It helps open and cleanses your clogged pores
  • It helps to reduce skin infections
  • And it’s nature’s skin exfoliator

Coconut Oil

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Top-notch moisturizer
  • Natural makeup remover
  • Helps with skin disorders
  • Natural anti-ageing agent

Aloe Vera (in case you used Coconut Oli with Aloe Vera)

  • Helps with skin rashes
  • Good for acne removal
  • Adds a little glow to your skin

Olive Oil

  • Filled with nutrients
  • Doesn’t clog up your pores
  • Great for exfoliation
  • Boosts up your beauty

Fennel Seeds

  • Also packed with minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc
  • Nature’s moisturizer
  • Also nature’s skin cleanser
  • Smells really good