9 Best Jobs That Are Tough But Makes Our Office Turn Like A Heaven


Hardest jobs-Sometimes it happens with many of us that we have the worst jobs ever and we are underpaid for that job. Through this article, you will change your opinion regarding this. You will see nine challenging tasks in this article that would give you Goosebumps.

New York City, Manhole Cover production

9 Hardest jobs in the world

For New York City, men from India produce around 750 utility hole covers per year. Some of them have only one safety gear that is spectacles. This job is one of the most dangerous ones because the temperature of hot molten metals is very high that can cause severe burns.

The Kawah Ljen Volcano, Sulfur mining in Indonesia

The place named Kawah Ijen Volcano is located in Jawa and it is 850 ft. high. There is a sulfuric lake inside an active vent of the volcano. The workers working in this sulfuric mine are locals. They work in this mine without any protective clothes or gas masks. All day and long night, they extract pieces of sulfur with their hands. They use hanky so that they would not breathe harmful substances during mining. Each of them gets less than $5 per day.

Sewer cleaner in India this is one of the hardest jobs you could ever see

There would be no one in this world who wants to exchange their work responsibilities with sewer cleaners. Sewer cleaners in India work for 12 hours a day. Most importantly, these sewer cleaners have to spend the whole shift inside a hatch. Whole the time of their working, they breathe the smell of waste. These cleaners use metal scrapers and mattocks and even sometimes they have to use their own 2 hands to clean and remove slime. After collecting all the waste, they throw it away in the streets. They do not have any special equipment or clothes to wear during their work. They work while wearing underwear. And they are only paid $5 per day for their work.

Odor testers

These are the workers who work at the companies which produce deodorants and antiperspirants. These odor testers have to apply such deodorants and antiperspirants to subjects’ armpits and then they smell them to assess their efficiency throughout the day.

Diamond mining in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, diamond mining is a filthy business. Here the workers do not get much according to the value of their work. The total value of diamonds extracted in all over the country is accounted to be $3320 million but the workers extracting this much value of diamonds do not get a lot for their work. Kono is a district in Sierra Leone. In this district, many people around 250,000 people are the miners of diamonds, but this district is one of the poorest districts of this country.

Salt mining in Ethiopia

There are afar people in the Danakil Depression who are known for their incredible tolerance with extremely hot weather. Salt mining is one of their traditional activities. The temperature in this desert area can rise up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to its high temperature, this place is considered to be the hottest place in the world.

Electricians working at high heights

These are Chinese electricians. As you can see in the above picture, these electricians carry out preventive maintenance of high voltage power lines at extreme heights. At such an unbelievable height, the risk of being shocked by electricity is very high. So these electricians are supplied with safety gears with them at such height but even then there is a high risk.

Crime scene cleaners

The crime scene cleaners have to clean or remove the bloodstains from the walls, beds, floors, and even remove corpses. The major and toughest part of their job is handling with odor. Sometimes police find a dead body a few days after his death; in that case, even a respirator would not help them. Sometimes police find the dead bodies many months after the death; in this case, the dead body attracts the insects and rodents. In such a condition, the workers take more days to clean up everything, If it is in a house or an apartment, the workers take even more time to clean the place.

Mosquito testers

The scientists who are fighting against malaria, they have to study malaria mosquitoes’ habits for their testing. Some of the Brazilian scientists even put their safety on the line and they offer themselves as baits for trapping mosquitoes on their arms.