A Few Make Up Tactics That You Need To Revise

A few make up tactics that you need to revise

A few makeup tactics that you need to revise-You might be running up and down the parlors, waiting in long queues to have yourself beautified in the perfect manner. Howbeit, it is high time that you give up on the expensive makeup artists and tools. There are some tricks that you can very well apply yourself in your comfort zone which could eventually help save your pockets too. Then, you won’t be even far from being in the same shoes as Kim Kardashian herself! Read below to find out what’s happening wrong with your techniques and how to mold them to achieve the right results.

Makeup tactics that you need to revise

#1 Contour according to the shape of your face

A few makeup tactics that you need to revise

A single contouring technique might not work equally well for every face shape. As you have to select the shoes of your size, similarly, you have to opt for a contouring method based on your facial shape. There are many tutorials available over the net. You just need to search for the one which suits your face properly.

#2 Get a cute nose

A few makeup tactics that you need to revise

It might seem weird, but most of the facial surgeries are done to correct the shape of the nose. All pretty women want it to look smaller and cuter, or otherwise elongated as is the sign of a beautiful face. If you put it simply, you need not empty your pockets for a surgery like this. Easy contouring of your nose will make all the difference.

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#3 Give a healthier feel to your eyes

A few makeup tactics that you need to revise

Nobody looks too good with dull and sulky eyes. You might be feeling low, but why show it to the world, when you can beautify yourself! To make your eyes look more open and wide, go for a nude or white liner on top of your waterline.

#4 Highlight your lips with a darker shade

Highlight your lips with a darker shade

Do you want your lips to look full and plump? It’s as easy as it sounds. Use a lighter shade of lipstick on your lips and line them with a darker pencil. This will highlight the center of your mouth in turn, offering you a perfect look.

#5 Magic for browbones

Magic for browbones

Have you ever tried highlighting your browbones? Though you may not find it useful, yet it has many benefits. Apart from giving your eyes a bigger look, your face will also turn brighter. Brush your browbones and the corner of your eyes with a highlighter next time and see the difference yourself.

#6 Make a triangle for concealers

Make a triangle for concealers

You might be managing your time by applying concealer dots under your eyes to get rid of the dark circles. However, a better outcome can be seen if you spread them in a triangular fashion below the eyes. This way the black portion is completely covered and corrected.

#7 Make your lipstick last longer by blotting

Make your lipstick last longer by blotting

Do you want your lip shade to remain the same whole day without any fading or losing its shine? Well then, you might wish to create a protective layer for it. And how to do you do that? It is quite simple. Start applying your first layer of lipstick after your lip primer or concealer. Use your napkin or blotting paper to lightly blot the current layer. Following this, apply your next layer over it. So, it is not about the brand, but the way you use them.

#8 Open up your eyes with this shadowing method

Open up your eyes with this shadowing method

If you are having trouble with your hooded eyes and practically want them to appear larger, then you should try out this eyeshadow rule. Use three different shades on your eyelids, ranging from the lightest to the dark. Keep the lower part of your lids for the dark shade. Apply the next light shade just above it and the lightest on the top, near your eyebrows. This smart blend will make your eyes look more open and attractive.

#9 Remedy for dried mascara

Remedy for dried mascara

Most of you might have used eye drops some day or the other. As it is quite safe for your eyes, therefore you can exploit it a little further to make your dried out mascara liquid again, even if it is waterproof. Although bacteria-free, but remember that too much of anything spoil the broth! So, if you don’t want your mascara to be all over your face, then add only a small amount of eye drops to it.

#10 Use red lipstick more often

Use red lipstick more often

Well, lipsticks are not only for your lips but can work magic on your eyes too! The concealers you use might brighten up the area under your eyes. However, still, somewhere, you will find it dull after some time. Whereas, on the other hand, red lipstick corrects your dark circles and in the same note gives it a healthier appearance.

After all such advice, are you ready to take charge yourself to have that changeover to a healthier make up? So, which tool are you picking up now to give yourself that perfect touch?