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My first exposure to gambling started with slots at a land-based casino where we went with friends one night. I was lucky enough to walk away in the black with twice my bankroll. Excited about my first experience, I became more interested in gambling, and the online segment of the market in particular.

I’m quite a successful businessman with my own delivery company. I discovered my entrepreneurial skills at the age of 11 when I decided to start selling lemonade in my backyard. It was clear to me then that there is no better marketing tool than word of mouth. That is why I’m always surprised at how some companies waste thousands of dollars on advertising that is often not credible. Many online casino operators use the same strategy, launching huge advertising campaigns that are hardly effective.

Being a person who trusts what people or experts in their field say about a product rather than marketers, I started to research online casinos. Wondering how they work and how they differ from their land-based counterparts, I was curious. After checking out tons of controversial reviews, I decided to look for expert websites reviewing Canadian iGaming platforms. Specifically, I was interested in how the gambling market is regulated in Canada and what guarantees are given to players entrusting their deposits to casinos. So, I came across the best online casino for Canadian article that changed the way I thought about online gambling.

How did this article help me? There are a few important things I learned as a result of reading this:

  • The Canadian online industry is overloaded with casino operators, so you might end up at a cheating website. The first thing you should do is to make sure the casino of your choice has a license. Canada officially recognizes MGA-licensed platforms. Check the license info. It is specified in the footer on the homepage. Or contact the support team for details.
  • The second important thing is RTP, something they do not talk about at land-based casinos. It’s the percentage of the bet money that forms the game’s prize pool. The higher the RTP, the less likely you are to lose a lot.
  • And take the bonuses offered as an afterthought as there are many more important things to consider when choosing a worthwhile website.

All this information helped me to choose the best online casino for Canadian players and dive even more deeply into the world of gambling.