List Of Your Routine Activities That You Do Wrong But Do Not Realize


Activities that you do wrongh without realizing them. We do numerous activities in our weekly routine without paying much attention to them. There is the high possibility that sometimes we do not those activities in the best way or we can say with effectiveness. There may be you receive the less and weak results. If you make some changes in your weekly routine, you can experience some surprising benefits in your life. You would not get some benefits because of some toxic activities in your routine so make changes in your habit.

We are going to tell your various activities that you do wrong, but you do not realize because you do not pay much attention to them. So check out those multiple activities.

Activities that you do wrong but do not realize

1. You delay the alarm clock

When we set the alarm before going to sleep, it means that we start a new stage of life. We cut our sleep in small intervals by setting an alarm that causes an unpleasant numbness that can even last for the whole day. So its better to avoid alarm clocks. Try to get sleep for complete 8 hours and go for a nap before 8 hours of the time that you have set on an alarm clock or cell phone. In this way, you will also not delay your alarm clock for infinite times.

2. When you clean your hands

Cleaning hands is a gesture that we repeat many times every day. Many people wash their hands in the wrong way. They take less time to wash their hands even if they do it in the right direction. Take about 30 seconds to clean your hands after applying soap to your hands. It is the way of doing it. Moreover, then only wash with water.

3. Hand dryer in public washrooms

The hand dryers of the public toilets are highly dangerous and harmful for our health. They do not dry our hands. They spread the germs, bacterias, and other dust particles that are present in the air on our hands by their air. The best way is to use paper towels instead of using hand dryers.


4. Breathe

activities that you do wrong

It is an involutory mechanism that our body performs every second to get the oxygen from the air to live on the earth. When we inspire and exhale from the chest, it brings many problems that we notice in the long run. The masters of meditation always say for abdominal breathing as it is one of the keys to relaxation. Your body will end up having less fatigue for the full day if you start doing breathing this way. Moreover, also the different organs of your body will improve their conditioning.

5. Brushing

We tend to lose a lot of this hygienic substance in performing this task daily. The fact is that we do not need to spread the toothpaste on the entire surface of the brush. A small ball of toothpaste is enough. With this product, we clean our teeth not only aggressively but also eliminate infectious buccal particles.

6. Bathroom

Many people prefer the hot tub for the rest after a tiring day. People who are regular to this habit give their one hour to it. We advise you that do not remain after 20 minutes in the water especially people who suffer from the heart disease shout not stay underwater for more than 20 minutes. The blood pressure tends to increases under water, so it is harmful to your health.

7. Do not expel gases

Must remember that do not hold the gases generated in our body inside it. It is very harmful to our body. If we keep them for too long, it can cause harmful swelling in our body, and it even can cause colon cancer. There is one another type of pathology which named Hemorrhoids faced by people who abuse this behaviour. We know that it is difficult to release this gases in public or at work, but you still have a chance for this by excusing in a service.

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8. Pour liquid safely

While pouring drinks from the tetra bricks, do not bring the opening side closer to the glass. It will not get easily distributed and end up with splashing.

If you guys think there is something more you do in your routine in the wrong way then share with us.