10 Basic Things Which We Do In A Wrong Way


Things that we are doing in the wrong way-We are living on autopilot 46.9% of our life according to some research studies. The constant mind-wandering distracts us from our daily activities which make us feel unhappy. So it is essential to pay attention to the smallest things of our life. You should see things with your fresh eyes.

We are here with a list of some everyday things that we are doing in the wrong way, and we do not even realize it.

Holding the drinks

10 things that we are doing in the wrong way

The right way to hold any drink is to keep the glass by its stem and bottle by its neck. We will tell you the reason behind it. The idea is if you hold the glass or bottle by its body then the heat of your hand affects the drink’s temperature which makes the drink warm and the warmth of your hand also changes the taste and appearance of the drink.

Shampooing this is one of the things that we are doing in the wrong way

According to hairstylists, and dermatologists, it may be harmful to your hair if you shampoo your hair daily. Shampooing your hair every day can remove the essential oils from your hair. In the result of which, the oil glands on your scalp try to compensate the oil by producing more oil than usual. If you want that your hair does not get greasy too much, then you should not wash it more than two or three times a week.

Microwaving leftovers

You can heat your food in microwave evenly. But if you put all the food in a pile in the center of the plate, then the microwave will not do it properly. You should dig a little hole in the middle of your food in the dish and put in the microwave. It will help the more heat pass through all the food without leaving any food.

Wearing a bobby pin

Make sure the curved side of the bobby pin faces downward when you insert these pins into your hair. In this way, the curves of the pins will grip your hair much tighter, and it will remain in position. And it will also be visible less on your locks.

Placing the spoon when cooking

While cooking your food, you can put the cooking spoon right into the handle of the pan. In this way, one more plate will not get dirty while cooking. For this trick, it is better to choose a long handle wooden spoon which will correctly get fit into the little holster.

Applying toothpaste

We think that we will get whiter teeth if we use more toothpaste on our brush. It is not true. According to scientists, You only need a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to brush your teeth.

Taking a bath before bed

We believe that we get relaxed by soaking our body in hot water and we will fall asleep quickly. But it is not right to take a hot bath before going to bed for sleep. There is a straightforward reason behind it. The body temperature will stay elevated and will keep your heart and veins on high alert.

If you want a hot bath, then you have two options for this. Either you take a hot shower one hour before going to bed, or you can use warm water instead of using hot water.

Pouring the juice

Use the cardboard fold to pour the juice in the glass so that the fluid does not get splashed and split on the table. It will help you to control the flow and will make the whole process of pouring the juice smoother.

Flushing the toilet

We leave our seat open while flushing the toilet. In this way, the infectious bacteria and viruses that get contained in the fecal particles shoot up in the air. In the result of which, the feces get spread on everything in the bathroom. So close the toilet seat lid while flushing the toilet.

Holding a pen

While holding the pen, you have to rest the index finger on the top of the middle finger. The pinky and ring finger should be placed comfortably on the page which will support your hand.