All you need to know about the fascinating Origami Art


Before getting on to the discussion of the art and how it is done. Let us begin by understanding what Origami art is? It comes from a Japanese word which means “paper folding.”

So, it contains art forms and patterns created entirely by the folding of a paper in various ways to get the desired effect.It is a Japanese art form but now is used in all-inclusive modern terms. The Japanese connotation is that”Ori” means folded and “kami” means paper.

Origami is a fun art form of making original artifacts by folding papers. You can learn to make various art pieces including animals, flower, trees, boxes and many other decorative items through it use. Here is a list of a few Origami artists.

Robert J. Lang

Santoshi Kamiya

Tomoko Fuse

Kade Chan

Peter Engel

to name a few…

Akira Yoshizawa

Reinvented modern origami. Created the modern repertoire of an origami technique of folding symbols

NG Bon Choon


SIPHO MABONA life-sized “White Elephant” ART

The artist has kickstarted the above art piece, a whole origami pattern created from a single piece of paper.


JUN MITANI’s intricate Organic Origami  

Jun Mitani creates beautiful intricate and stylistically complex organic forms out of paper. His art is a measure of his pure creative genius.


This is something exceptionally brilliant wherein  The T/Shirt Issue reimagined a t-shirt using origami and 3D elements. The effect produces such a realistic and magnificent artifact.


Alma Haser

One look at Alma Haser’s work and we can guarantee that you’ve never seen work of this impeccable sort in your life. It’s very different from other origami artists. Her work truly amazes us, the photographer, Alma, uses folded paper in her cosmetic surgery portraits.

ROBERT LANG‘s Lifelike Origami Sculptures

Ex-NASA physicist Robert Lang uses mathematics to create his Lifelike art models through paper.

Let us spread the word and explore these fabulous artists who have set a standard for the generations to come.The ancient, as well as the contemporary reimagining, can help young artists provide an edge to their art forms.

Jo Nakashima’s Kinetic Papercrafts

Artist Jo Nakashima creates origami kinetic sculptures which are a delight to watch.