What a little lemon can do for you


Benefits of lemon-Lemon is an important part of vegetable which is usually found in every home. What a lemon can do for you maybe you know still we are going to tell here in a unique manner.

Benefits of lemon

Benefits of lemon work as remover

Lemon is a kind of acid and the best quality is that it has no side effects. It removes the spots in the skin a healthy way this is one of the most common benefits of lemon.

  • Fight against bad smell

If you are faded up with the bad smell of your shoes, use lemon. Put lemon peels inside the shoes and they will work for you.

  • Buttermilk from lemon juice

If you want to make buttermilk, you are supposed to mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice into a cup of 2% milk and go for the perfect buttermilk.

  • Avocados are saved from becoming brown

You can put some lemon juice on your cut avocados to prevent that from being brown.

  • Naturally, highlight your hair

Lemon is used to highlight your hair naturally. You can use that as a highlighter as well.

  • In kettle

If your kettle is getting yellow, you can make it white again with lemon juice.

  • As a fire starter

Dry the lemon peels and use them as the fire starter.

  • Keep secret


Write something by lemon juice and then heat that up, you will see the highlight then.

  • Clean the containers

Lemon is used to clean the plastic containers if they are getting yellow.

  • Remove stubborn warts

Take the lemon juice in a cotton piece and run gently on stubborn warts.

  • Removes dandruff

Massage gently on your scalp to remove dandruff. It will help you to remove that.

  • Helps to revive soggy lettuce

Take the lettuce in a bowl with lemon juice and put that in the refrigerator.

  • Natural Bleach

If the spots are not going easily while washing, use lemon juice as bleach.

  • Cleans stainless stuff

You can use lemon juice to clean your stainless pots.

  • Cleans your underarms

If you are suffering from the black spots in your underarms, you can use lemon as a cleaner.

  • Help to remove the spot under microwave

Take a bowl of water with lemon juice and put that in your microwave and left that for five minutes. Totally it will clean microwave for you.