Amazing Makeup Tricks To Look Gorgeous All The Time


Amazing makeup tricks-There are many girls in between us who want to wear makeup and look lit all the time but do not have much time to wear the makeup. Moreover, when you have to choose between to look gorgeous and to have more sleep, you always choose the later. Sleep is, However, important. It is important than all the things. Though there are many critical other things also, sleep is the most important. If one drives to the office for a couple of hours then how she will get time for other things.

Amazing makeup tricks that always work

Amazing Makeup Tricks To Look Gorgeous All The Time

If you are also from them, then you need to come to the right place. We looked for various life hacks for the colour lovers, we find some simple ways, and that is quite easy that you can, However, before your makeup sessions.

1. Mascara

Mascara is your number one enemy unless you are an angel and has descended from the heaven with PhD in applying makeup. Mascara is the first thing which we should learn how to apply it correctly. When it comes to flawless makeup, mascara is your enemy unless you have the complete knowledge about how to apply it. While using it, you need to make sure that it does not get on your eyelids.

2. False lashes

The biggest challenge to get correct lashes is the glue to stick it correctly and the right amount of it. So now check out that how one comes to know about the right glue with the right amount to stick the lashes. Use a bobby pin to put glue to your lashes. Do not directly put the glue from the tube to the lashes. Bobby pin is the small thing that makes a However,

3. Concealer v/s. primer

Primer is the thing which we consider a base that makes the makeup. We apply it last longer n our faces to prevent our makeup running from the sweat. There is one more thing in the makeup that we can use in place of a primer. It is concealer; you can also use concealer in place of a primer. Notably, for the eye makeup, concealer is the best in place of a primer. Before applying eyeshadow, use the colours as usual and then apply concealer on top. It also makes the makeup bright and enhances its colour along with it prevent eyeshadow from running due to makeup.

4. Cream shadows

Most of us do the messy things when it comes to the eye makeup even after going through the precautions for eye makeup mentioned above. But we keep our promise and bring solutions for you. You have to opt for the cream ones instead of applying the usual eyeshadows. You can apply this creamy eyeshadow by using your finger on your eyelids. So it eliminates the use of the brush.

5. Use one brush to rule all of them

You can use one brush to rule all your make up. The small bobby pin will help you in this. Use a bobby pin to convert the blusher brush into a contour brush. Your brushes get ready. You can see we provide you with the simple and best precautions.

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6. Use a spoon for eye makeup.

Every time It is the biggest challenge for you that different colours on your eye do not get mess up with each other. You have to be very careful about this. You can use a spoon to prevent all this. Yes, we are serious. Spoon can better help you in this. You only have to place the spoon on your eye and apply the makeup.

7. Again mascara

Yes, again we come to mascara. But this time we will tell you precaution for your eyebrows. Now here you care for the eyebrows, not your eyelashes. It is another pocket-friendly tip that you can use the mascara on your eyebrows instead of using any other product on your eyebrows.

8. Always start your make up with the eyes.

It is the most important tip of all the suggestions. When you do makeup, always start with your eyes and then apply makeup to every part of your face. It will make sure that if you forget to use any of the above tips, even then your makeup will not get smudged off.