Amazing manicure ideas if you love Royal Blue!


 Royal blue is a must-have nail color this season! It is such a beautiful, vibrant color and it gives a royal feel to the person wearing it.It can be kept simple or can be paired with other designs and accents. You have a variety of options. You can wear metallic royal blue polish or a blue polish with a matte top coat. The possibilities are just endless!

Here are 16 nail designs to give you some inspiration as to how you can rock in royal blue!

1. Keep it simple, yet royal with gold stripes.

2.Glam it up with some jewels!

3.Elegance at its best!

4.Get a little bit edgy!

5.simple yet pretty.

6. Royal blue plus golden is a combination out of this world!

7. Play with patterns.

8.Just a matte top coat and there you go!

9. Pair it up with some jewels.

10.Be playful with this one.

11.Pop it up with a hint of pink!

12. Less is more

13.This is an everyday design which is as easy as it seems.

14. Matte+shine

15.Again, jewel it up for a party.

16. This one is the most magnificent design of all!