Uses Of Rice To Attain Enviable Skin


Uses of rice for the skin-All people prefer to use organic food materials nowadays. They claim that these are 100% natural which can ultimately translate them into the side effects and are safe for us. They come up with the hefty price tag, and much they will lighten our pockets.

Here are the things. I want to make sure while moving down that have you ever checked the ingredients present on those organic exfoliants.

Well, if you are going to check it now, then you will find the excellent products, but when you google it, you will come to know that all those ingredients grow in your backyard. Or many products among those are like that we store in the kitchen cabinets.

Uses of rice for the skin

Amazing uses of rice for the skin

But then also we don’t understand why we spend a lot of money to buy expensive products and enhance beauty when we have the inexpensive, practical, and 100% natural alternative.

Rice is the best exfoliant that your skin can ask.

Amazing uses of rice for skin

Natural exfoliants are the best for our skin such that our skin becomes soft to touch with an ethereal glow. There is the number of natural exfoliants like sugar, lemon, honey, and rice which we can prove are highly effective. It will help you remove the dead skin cells so that you gain the smooth skin that is pure from germs and impurities.

Rice helps in maintaining the pH level of the skin and hence they always keep you hydrated by producing the natural oils because it is rich in the host of vitamins and minerals which include magnesium, calcium, manganese, potassium, and vitamins B and E which will always keep your skin healthy and attractive. Here we will be going to discuss some of the best skin-nutritional habits of rice.

Uses of rice for the skin

It will leave you with the hundred percent pure and fresh skin that you will feel pleasant to touch.

Ingredients required:

For preparing the rice as the exfoliants, we need a 1/4th cup of the remaining rice. 62 ml of rice water which we can obtain from a 1/4th cup of it. One tablespoon for the coconut oil and four drops of the lavender oil. These all ingredients are the best for the use of exfoliation purpose.

Methods of preparation:

You need to blend all the ingredients properly by mixing them except rice from the list given above. Beat the mixture for the few seconds and then add rice to it. With that, you will try to get the creamy substance by beating it properly once again. You will acquire the mixture of a creamy consistency.

Put the mixture in the glass jar and then put it in the fridge so that you can use it later on. It is best to use it in between two to three days you prepared and refrigerated it.

How to apply the mixture?

It is a pure ingredient that we can use as we do with others. Take a bit on the palms and rub it on your face and spread it evenly. You may also use the rice water exfoliant for other areas of your skin without worrying about it.

Let the mixture to sit down on your skin for the next ten minutes and then again massage your skin so that you can remove all dead skin cells from your skin.

When the exfoliant gets harden, then you can rinse it off with the help of warm water. It will help you to open the pores so that you can wash away all the impurities.

Rice water exfoliant makes your skin dry, and hence we refer you not to use it more than thrice a week.

The Rice Mask:

For preparing the rice mask, you will need a half cup of white rice, two tablespoons of the distilled water and five drops of the coconut oil.

Methods of preparation:

You will need to grind the rice into the fine powder particles and mix the above-given list of ingredients in the bowl so that you will obtain a thick paste.

How can you use it?

Before applying the mask, you need to clean your skin and then apply evenly to your face and massage it. After that let it dry and wash your face with warm water to attain good and smooth skin.