Bisexual porn - Anal Plugs as the most used Toy for Different Sexual Orientation

Anal Plugs as the most used Toy for Different Sexual Orientation

We spend a lot of time in our love life: what turns us on, how we want it, etc, and spend less energy thinking about the mechanics. We are talking about the Anal Plugs: a sex toy designed for those who prefer having anal sex. We believe you must have seen anal plugs used in most bisexual porn videos, it is very common in the gay community, and often used by bisexuals as a means of escaping their sexual fantasy.

Not just those two, even straight people, often use these toys. So, with this, one question comes to mind, “why does everyone with different sexual orientations prefer using anal plugs?” This doesn’t require a close-ended answer, although it looks complex, it is understandable. The answer lies in the toy itself rather than the people who use it.

The first reason is that anal plugs are compatible with all gender unlike some toys seen on most bisexual porn content. And the fact it is called an ‘Anal’ plug doesn’t necessarily limit its use to the anus; it can still play a role in the vagina, one way or the other.

Why Gay Find Anal Plugs Enjoyable

We will attribute the extreme excitement gay men get from this toy to prostate glands. Yes, their prostate glands are massaged and rubbed by the toy. The prostate gland in gay men is the G-Spot in girls, as a matter of fact, some people even refer to it as the gay men’s P-spot. You have to understand that the anus has a lot of sensitive nerves, which means that once those nerves are stimulated, it automatically comes to life, thus triggering those nerves to live, producing that extraordinary feeling that makes you want to do it over and over again each time.

From observation, whether in males or females, having your anus stimulated by this device releases a kind of feeling that you have never felt before. But we will advise you to stick to two rules while using this device: use a lot of lubricants, and always go slow. Engaging in anal stimulation using this device can help users a lot no matter their sexual orientation. Unlike what is shown in most bisexual porn which is not always practical, using this device helps you a lot in exploring their anal area, and it is also a great way for them to get familiar with their body.

It lets you know what you can do outside the bedroom and outside what you see on most bisexual porn. It is also fair to say that using anal plugs is a good way to earn more sexual confidence, thus, boosts your self-esteem. Again, we must add that gay men enjoy anal plugs more than lesbians ‘cos it allows them to explore those sexual areas they barely know existed. Often times when men (either gay or straight) try this device once, they are most likely to get anxious to try it again. This is why it seems it is a bit popular with male folks.

How safe is the Anal Plug?

Anal Plugs are healthy, but you have to apply some precautions:

Use a lot of Lubricants

Using lubes is not a choice when using anal plugs, it is an obligation. Not applying enough lubricant can lead to tearing and irritation. When we say ‘tear,’ we actually mean the kind of tear that runs down your eyes when you cry. This is because when the device reaches the most delicate part of your skin without lubrication, it will definitely hurt.

Right Handling

It is important that you probably wash and disinfect this device before and after use. Even a well-cleaned anus contains some level of microscopic fecal which can cause infection. One can as well vet infected with an STD when shared with an infected person, hence the need to thoroughly clean this toy before and after use.

Your Health Condition

It is advisable that you stay clear of this joy if you are suffering from anal fissures, haemorrhoids, or any prostate-related condition. But if you must, first check with a healthcare professional.

Finally, there are some myths that need to be decried about anal plugs. Just like we often see on most bisexual porn content, anal plugs don’t hurt. Some of the actors on these porn videos might be displaying some sign of stress, but the truth remains that they are actually relishing the moment. No matter how anxious you are to use this toy, you really need to take it slow (and don’t forget to use a lot of lube).