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Not all slot players think that there is much point in playing hundreds of games in demo mode. However, demo or practice mode can be a very useful tool, especially when it comes to figuring out the mechanics of the more complex slot games out there. This can be achieved risk-free as no real money is involved during demo play.

What is Demo Mode

For those who are not seasoned slot players, demo mode is a way of playing slots for free with a fantasy bankroll that allows for all types of wagering, including max betting. But because the cash involved is all virtual money, nothing is lost, but on the flip side, nothing is won either. So, in this mode, you can play slots risk-free and still have access to special features and bonus rounds.

Demo mode is ideal for those who want to observe the behavior of a slot game. It is also a great way of discovering what type of random features are hidden within the base game of a slot. Practice mode allows slot spinners an insight into how hard or easy it is to land a bonus. If a game offers multiple bonus rounds, then demo mode funds are usually sufficient to allow players to experience them all.

In general, players can discover a lot about a slot game in this model, including whether the bonuses pay well. Players choose whether to play games for real or give them a wide berth, all based on slot demo play.

Demo Downside

There are not too many downsides of demo playing slots apart from the fact that you cannot bank anything that you win. The biggest danger is practicing playing slots with progressive jackpots attached to them. Some slot games keep this feature active in demo mode, whilst other games deactivate the progressive jackpots for all practice spinners.

The Double Bubble Games by Roxor allow players a shot at all the jackpots even in demo mode, and some customers have been deeply disappointed to win a progressive jackpot in this way.

Should All Jackpots be Inactive During Demo Play?

A popular view is that all progressive jackpots should be switched off during demo play. This is because no real cash is being used to add to the progressive prize since only virtual money is being used. Some jackpots drop randomly but others are won in a prize-picking bonus round, and these are harder to turn off because they are part of the mechanics of the slot game. If you can play a progressive jackpot slot in practice mode, then everything should still be active, to get the full experience. However, there is nothing crueler than winning thousands of pounds that are not real.

Final Thoughts

Demo play is a great tool for slot players, you can learn a lot about a slot in this mode and know whether to invest in a game or ignore it and find something better to play. However, progressive jackpots can still be won on some slots, but winning one of these without being able to bank it because the money is not real, is something no slot player would like to experience.