Slot machines or so-called pokies are one of the casino games that have evolved since their creation at the end of the 19th century. These machines are undoubtedly the most cherished of all the games currently being offered by online casinos – deposit and play at Mega Reel. These amusements come in different types and genres, ranging from 3 reels classics to futuristic-looking 3D slots.

They are known for their fun-filled gameplay, exciting bonuses, enormous payouts, and extended jackpots. Besides, these virtual machines come in two different modes, with the first one being the Download and Play mode and the other one being the Instant Play mode.

So, let’s determine the main difference between the two modes and which one is more reliable.

Download and Play Slots

As the name suggests, Download and Play slots are the ones that require you to download a game’s app on your device before you can start playing. Today most of the Download and Play slots are offered on mobile devices to download a particular app to play a specific slot.

Here are a few advantages of the Download and Play Slot:

Convince: Once you have a slot installed on your device, you don’t have to go through the searching process every time you want to play. Instead, you can simply launch the application by tapping or clicking on the icon.

Quality: Download slots usually offer better graphics as the graphics quality does not depend on your Internet connection speed.

Reliability: Download slots are claimed to be more reliable as a glitch on the website or Internet communication does not affect a slot machine.

Safety: Downloading a slot casino app on your device can help you better understand the security and safety features of the casino. Because once you have downloaded the app on your device, you can run it through anti-virus systems to identify any threats that come with the app.

Play Offline: After downloading the app, you can enjoy your favorite slots in demo mode without an Internet connection.

Play on the Go: Download slots are usually offered on mobile devices, and once downloaded, you can play these machines regardless of your geolocation.

Instant Play Slots

On the other hand, Instant slots are the ones that can be played directly through your Internet browser. These games don’t require you to download even a single piece of software. All you need to do is visit an online casino website, get yourself registered, and start playing. Most modern online slots come in Instant Play Mode, and there are a couple of good reasons for that. Some of these reasons or advantages of Instant-Play slots are as follows:

Wider Choice: As stated, most of the modern online machines come in instant play mode; therefore, you’ll have a wider choice of games to make a selection.

Accessibility: Instant Play slots can be accessed through a website, so you can play these slots from any device regardless if you have the app installed on that device or not.

Faster Gameplay: Instant Play games allow you to quickly get through the gameplay as they can be started instantly without going through the downloading process.