Some Clothing Combinations That Are Just Not Made For Each Other

A woman has to choose between different types of clothing

Bad combination of clothes-There are just too many options all around us and the abundance of these options clouds our judgment as to what goes best with so and so outfit. The fashion world does not always stay still and keeps evolving, and many trends are the result of such evolution.

We may even find it difficult to keep up with these trends. Whatever the trends may sometimes say, some items of clothing do not go with each other, and you need to know which of these fall into this category. Mixing and matching are excellent in the world of fashion and may lead to something outstanding, but it can also be a disaster that you do not want to repeat. Let us dig deeper.

Bad combination of clothes

Business formals with ballerinas

Bad combination of clothes

When wearing business formals, always go for heels, be it stilettos or kitten heels. Any kind of flats, like ballerinas, loafers or espadrilles do not go with officials. The key here is to go for a sophisticated look which flats do not quite give you; all they do is make your ankles look broader, and your legs look like pillars. So, from now on grab those classic and classy heels for completing the look of business formals.

Jeans with long tees

A long and tight tee with a pair of jeans is something you should never opt for as it will make your torso look too long, plus it will be more awkward if you are a tall person. Jeans do not mix well with these long tops at all. If you want to wear these tees with jeans, then you need to tuck them in. If, however, you are not the tuck-in kind of person, you may want to go for tops with looser silhouettes.

Carrying big bags to events

Carrying big bags for social events was a trend of the past. Do not take a big bag to a social event, be it formal or informal. Smaller sized bags such as mini satchels and clutches will give you a classy look. So the next time there is an event that you need to attend, carry with you that super stylish mini clutch that you always seem to neglect.

Short skirts with booties

What happened to the good old days when we used to wear those classy heels with our short skirts? Booties are not going to look good when combined with short skirts as they will make your legs seem smaller. Stick to heels while wearing short skirts. If you do not feel comfortable with heels, then you may as well go for flat shoes, a pair of the calf or knee-length boots in winters. Booties look good with jeans and jumpsuits but not with short skirts.

Pairing loose with loose

Are we not over with this already? Too many loose clothes will completely ruin your look and even hide your best features. Do not combine a loose tee with loose jeans. Always opt for a tight pair of jeans when wearing a loose top and baggy jeans while wearing a tight top. This is how you go about that classic loose clothing look. You do not need to wear everything baggy from top to bottom. Do not forget to keep your figure in mind while going for this look.

Shorts with tights

Do not torture your shorts and tights while combining these two. They are better off of each other and trust me the trend that combined these two pieces of clothing together was just another bad fad. So you may as well skip this awkward union and save yourself from an odd combination.

High waist tulip skirts

This is also another annoying clothing which people refuse to give up. As long as you are standing, the high waist tulip skirt will look something out of a fairytale, but the minute you sit down wearing one of these, it will give an illusion of a bulging belly no matter how much fat you burnt at the gym. When wearing skirts always stick to the classics like the pencil, skater, etc. in accordance with your body shape. So skip these and steer clear of the high waist tulips if you want to look good.

Oversized shoes

It makes some sense, I guess, if you buy a size larger when you purchase heels, but when it comes to wearing these, they look ugly. Always buy your size, no matter what. Pro tip: Always buy shoes in the morning because at the and of a long hard day your feet swell, and this may mislead you into buying the wrong size. Maybe this will help you in purchasing the right size for yourself.


Avoid turtlenecks no matter how big a trend they are nowadays. They make your neck look shorter, and the same thing follows the choker necks which again are a big thing these days. They give you a boxy look that you want to avoid at all costs, no matter how much the fashion magazines have convinced you otherwise. So keep the turtlenecks off your closet and buy some scarves instead if warmth is all you want out of the turtlenecks.

Ill-fitting jeans

Due to wear and tear your lovely pair of jeans may become loose and shapeless and will not remain the same. Making you figure seem shapeless is not what you want, you want quite the opposite of that. But guess what, these loose and shapeless pair of jeans will do precisely that. If the jeans that you try in the store seems to be ill-fitting, then get your right size as it will not give you the look that you are looking for.

Were there any combinations that sit in your closet and are one of your regulars? Have you faced any of the mistakes mentioned above? Your closet may need a makeover after you are done reading this. Share some of your examples in the comments section below which are the worst combinations of all time. Do not forget to share it with your friends so that they know about the fashion blunders they have been committing all this while.

Happy styling!