Why Are French Women So Beautiful? REVEALED!


Beauty secrets of French women-A French woman are beautiful in so many ways. The way she dresses up, she adorns herself and the way she behaves too! There is a different charm in their aura. They barely stress their lives as we do. Their flawless skin, hair, and makeup can definitely take a man’s heart away. Here’s how a French woman can be so appealing all the time:

Beauty secrets of French women

  1. Beauty secrets of French women: They take good care of their skin

A good skin care regimen is definitely the key to healthy skin. French woman is meticulous with their skin. From a very young age, they start caring for it. They start quite early instead of waiting for a certain age, to begin with, the caring. This leads to a good glow in spite of the harsh environment alongside.

  1. They invest time in getting nails done

You guessed it right, the French manicure! French women take great care of their nails. They are always done perfectly, no matter what. They often use a scrub which is a mix of coarse sea salts granules with olive oil for their hands. One should spend some quality time with toes and nails which are often overlooked. Give them some TLC like these women!

  1. When it comes to makeup, less is more

Lesser time is spent on makeup, and more energy is spent on caring for their skin. They don’t believe in looking all made-up. You’d find them happy and merry with red pouts, soft tints, and neutral shades. When it comes to fashion trends, they are never too audacious.

  1. They don’t skip using essential oils

For their skin, they love using homemade concoctions made with essential oils. They do wonders and help maintain an appealing young texture on the skin. It also mars the aging process. You would find it difficult to judge a beautiful French lady’s age.

  1. Perfume is more of a routine

In the case of French women, they wear their perfume the way the wear their lingerie. It’s very true in their case. It’s not considered an option; rather they love splurging on it. They have varieties of perfumes with them, and they always have a good stock. They choose the best fit depending on their mood or occasion. They often opt for feminine, soft, subtle fragrances rather than loud ones.

  1. French women love their wine

Wine drinking is more of a culture than an indulgence for these women. Every day, they consume at least two to three glasses of wine. Red wine consists of anti-oxidants which are beneficial as it maintains heart health, improves blood circulation and helps combat aging.

  1. They take showers in cold water

They love going for cold showers instead of hot steamy ones. Even if they take warm showers, they complete the bathing regime with cold water to lock the moisture. Warm water is believed to rip the skin off the oils it produces naturally.

  1. They love flaunting their red pouts

French believe in their minimalism and hence take excellent care of their skin, only to show off their beautiful red pouts. These pouts can definitely add sunshine to your days, more than anything else.

  1. They love pampering themselves with massages and face masks

A good facial massage can increase blood flow and give rise to a radiant glow, and these ladies strongly believe in this power. They prepare their masks with good homemade ingredients found in the kitchen on a weekly basis, without fail. Consistency is essential while you care for your skin.

  1. They don’t stress their hair out

These women don’t wash their tresses too much. They also don’t stylize their hair with any tools. They are fond of their natural texture of hair. Good maintained wavy hair can mark differences in the looks of any woman, they strongly believe. French buns can never go wrong if everything else messes up!