Some hacks to make your dressing room look more amazing


Best Hacks for a dressing room

1 How to want to make your dressing room

Hacks for a dressing room. The most important thing in your dressing room is you need to know what you are going to keep in your dressing room. The primary goal is to identify the items so that according to the things you can set your dressing room. So here are some of the essential elements like who’s dressing room it is? It is male or female. Next, you need to know the type of dresses like western wear or Indian wear. The next thing is the type of shoes you want to wear.

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2 Divide the whole room into blocks

You can divide your whole room into different zones where you can keep your whole items.

1 Vertical space organization

Best Hacks for a dressing room

As the name itself suggest vertical means, you need to use a hanger to hang your dresses. It can be of different sizes and lengths such as shirts and jackets(they are about 90-100cm long), jeans and skirts(their length is in the range 120-130 cm) and your long western and ethnic dresses(they are of a diameter nearly 140-180 cm)

2 You can make use of drawers

You can store small items in drawers. With this, everything will be saved and nothing will be lost. For example, undergarments can be stored in small drawers. Your socks and hankies which are always misplaced can also be stored in drawers. You can use drawers for storing items such as tights; Girls use so many accessories. These all can also be stored in drawers.

3 You need shelves for storing shoes

Your organization can be of any type may be vertical or may be horizontal. You should place the items which you want to use first above the shelves. This can help you more and hence you need to look at all the shelves. Your shoes can also be stored down the shelves. Above you can store clothes and down you can save shoes.

Some more tips you need for your dressing room to make your dressing room look cleaner
Best Hacks for a dressing room

#Use curtains instead of swing doors. Well, it has two advantages first is your room looks more amazing and second is your space will be less occupied and you can use the remaining space for something else.

# Make use of maximum space in your dressing room. You can use your free space such as you can try to hang your handbags or accessories. In this way, items can also be stored, and space will also be utilized.

#You always forget what have you kept where. Hence you need to give a label to everything so that you need to remember everything; Your all baskets and drawers must be labeled. It will only save your time further. ‘