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Best hair dyes-It is monotonous to keep up with the change of the trends. Fashion comes and goes in a blink of an eye, and you never know which variety of dress is yet to come back and make its re-appearance. That is inevitable in the matter of clothes. But have you ever given the same thought to makeup, dyes or haircuts?

Not really, have you? However, to your surprise, they also have a pattern of coming back in and going out of style. You have to keep pace with the changes which is difficult and which is why I have chosen this topic for today. After reading, you can decide which of the dyes you do not want to waste your money on.

So today’s list is about dyes which you shouldn’t do just yet. Let’s dive deeper.

Best hair dyes


A different version of dying in going out of style which you need to know about, known as ombre. However, if you want to apply this still, then try the soft ombre which is light, natural and has balanced transitions. It is a tough DIY to work, but a salon professional can do anything and everything.

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Natural Dyes

This topic is quite unbelievable as natural best hair dyes are the go-to dyes for everyone. It is hard to believe that anything natural can cause harm to the body. The fact about this is that natural dyes accumulate in hair later causing them to react with other chemical molecules. For example, if you want to dye or bleach your hair after treating them with henna dye, then the results are not going to be pretty. So do a favor to yourself and avert your obsession with natural hair dyes.

Bright Locks

Leave the bright locks for the past as they are so out of style as it can get. In 2018 you do not want to roam the streets with bright locks as they look a little tasteless. It is better to opt for natural transitions. Remember that there are only a few colors of bright locks which look odd. However, if you want to go with a trendy bright color like succulent or amethyst then do not hesitate.

Icy Blonde

Again, an icy blonde is so past the trend that you should not stick to it anymore. A warm blonde is better if you want to follow trendy styles. A warm blonde will suit both pale and tanned skin which is not the case with an icy blonde which will give you a more natural look.

“Gray” Dyeing

This is another dying which had to stop being trendy very early. “Metalic” is the option you want to go for if you want to add grey to your hair. In this hair is first bleached and then toned. This will wash off fast, so you need to take proper care of your hair.

Monotone Dyeing

Well, to be honest, it looks boring. If you want to stay away from expressive dyeing with transitions, then you need to add a little depth to your hair roots and have the lengths a bit brighter. Brighten up a few front strands and rock the hairstyle with confidence.

Chunky Highlights

Sharp contrasts have gone out of fashion now, so you need to let them go as well. Prefer a soft version of this highlight. A professional is going to pick some locks and lighten them a shade or two which will eventually yield a sunlight patch effect which is fascinating to look at, and you do not want to miss it.

Keep experimenting with different dyes but keep in pace with the trends around you. This way you will always look good and always remain stylish.


Happy styling!