Makeup Hacks Which Every Girl Should Know


Best makeup hacks-Makeup is no less than an art. It is a very time-consuming process, and you need to be patient enough to see the results. But a few tricks make your job more easy and less time-consuming. Have a look;

Here are the best makeup hacks

Best Makeup Hacks Which Every Girl Should Know

1. Use a liquid Eyeliner over pencil eyeliner.

For perfect eyeliner, first, use a pencil eyeliner to line your eyes and then use a liquid eyeliner over it for the perfect intense finish.

2. Use powder to make your eyelashes appear thicker.

For fuller eyelashes, dab some translucent powder over your lashes using a brush, after you apply the first coat. Then apply another coat to finish it up.

3. Mascara can be used in place of eyeliner.

If you’ve run out of eyeliner, use mascara instead.

4. Get the perfect cat eyes.

Apply your eyeliner as shown in the above picture to get perfect cat eyes.

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5. Exfoliate your lips using a toothbrush.

To remove the dead skin from your lips, use a dry toothbrush and scrub your lips. Your lips will become softer, smoother and pink.

6. Fix your dry mascara.

Add in warm water to revive your dried out mascara.

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7. Use lipstick as a blush.

To perfectly match your lipstick with your blush, use your lipstick as a blush.