Some Rules Of The Table Manners That Most Of The People Would Have not Heard Before


Many people love to have the table manners and etiquettes. They also want others to learn them. They get surprised if they see other people without them. In fact, those with etiquettes try to teach without manners. Some non-obvious rules are paying the extra attention of other people. People do not know what to eat with their hands and how to eat.

Here we have made some practical advice for those who want to learn and be careful to have the table manners. They will not want to get embarrassed in front of other people.

Best table manners you should follow

Miso soup

Best table manners you should follow

The miso soup is generally in the bowl which is thick and small. For this soup, you must take it in your palms and drink it slowly. Take a chopstick in one hand which should hold the tofu and other ingredients. After drinking the liquid, you must intake tofu, mushrooms, and other reliable parts with the help of the small spoon. And you can also use chopsticks.


If you are going to eat the crispy Bacon, then do not make the use of a knife as it will break down its crispy part. So you must make the use of your hands for this purpose. And if you are going to eat the soft Bacon, then you can go for a knife or the fork as there is no crispy part in it instead it is greasy which can make your hands dirty.

Olives and black olives

When olives are present in the small drink that you are going to take before your meals, then you can use them with the help of your hands. But if you are using olives as an ingredient in your dish, then you must take the advice of a fork to eat them. The best way is to put the olives in the martini glass which is also a beverage to drink in your mouth.

 Fish steak

Fish streaks are generally made from salmon or trout. It can be easy to eat them with the help of a fork with three prongs and a spatula-like knife. Fish is very soft to eat, and so you can separate it with the help of the blade. And after that pick its one piece with the help of the fork to your mouth. A knife also helps in the separation of bones from the skin.

Whole fish

If you are with the full fish, then cut it evenly with the help of knife from the middle from its head to the tail. But make sure you are not touching its spinal cord. Open the layer you have cut and then pick it with the help of the fork and place its free pieces on the plate. You can also use the fork to pick the bones of the spinal cord and put them on the plate. Squeeze some lemon on the fish, and now you can start eating it.


Meat on the bone

If you are attending some business meeting at the lunchtime, then use the cutlery to eat the meat on the bones. But if you are in the informal get-together, then you can go for eating it with the help of your hands.


If you are going to eat shrimp which are not peeled, then you can eat them with the help of your hands, and the leftover must be discarded. If you are feeding them in the form of drink, then soak them in the sauce and then intake them with the help of the skewers.


If you are sitting with your friends and enjoying the party, then you can take the pizza to your plate with your hands. The environment around you is informal. But if you are at the business meetings then cut the pizza with the help of fork or knife and then take to your plate.

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If the taco is crispy, then take it with the help of your hands. If you are going to fill the taco with your hands, then you can go for adding rice, cheese, and vegetables. Do not overfill the amount too much. You can hold it with the clean plate. And if some ingredients fall then don’t worry you can pick it up. But if you are going to eat soft taco then wrap it and add some sauce to it.