Some Shopping Mistakes That You Generally Make While Shopping


Shopping mistakes that you generally make. All of you must have bought something wrong in the size of the market. When you bring things at home and try it, it may be big or small on you.

It is certain that you might be there in the situation even if you do the online shopping. If we chose the clothes of the right size, but they may vary when they are in front of you. The formats are according to the brands and the companies. After we wash our clothes, the size of it changes.

It can be big or small according to the usage. But if you follow the steps which will help you chose clothes of the right size, then we will not face this problem ever. You will buy everything with perfection.

Here are some instructions which will help you choose the right one material. And you will avoid making mistakes.

Shopping mistakes you should stop making

Getting the correct measurements

Shopping mistakes you should stop making

Hip circumference: Try to measure the circumference of your hips by standing sideways in front of the mirror. The mirror will help you in the perfect measurements as you will be able to put the measuring tape on the prominent part where you want.

Waist circumference: First place the one corner of the measuring tape on the thinnest part of your stomach to measure the waist circumference.

Chest circumference: Take the measuring tape and place it on the most prominent part of your chest to get the size of the chest circumference. The tape should go higher on your back and then to the front.

Neck circumference: If you want to buy a shirt then we measure our neck. At the base of your neck place the tape to take its size.

After you have taken all the sizes of yours, now you should go to match with the volume from the size chart and choose according to your requirement.

The US size is according to the American size chart.

INT stands for the international size chart.

EU is for the European size chart.

You do not pay much attention to the recommendations given by the manufacturer.

The sizes are different for the different brands and the manufacturers. So when you go for the online shopping size becomes the most significant problem to maintain. With every website, there is a different chart of their own with different styles and so first visit the map and then buy the product online.

 When choosing the size, we don’t take the fabric into account.

The other main problem that we face in choosing cloth is the type of material we are buying. After washing the clothes become bigger or smaller. If it is the type of cotton and woollen cloth, then it will shrink up after washing, but if the fabric is of synthetic and cotton, then it becomes bigger after wash. So always read the instructions given first and contact the manufacturer for the clothes. They will recommend you according to your size.


Clothes that you can also buy in the larger size:

Sweaters made of wool: If you are looking for winters clothes then you should know that the close garments keep more warmth then those loose ones. And also the wool fibre becomes smaller after washing. So you should take according to your need. If you buy the right clothes, then they will become tight to you and if you buy loose then after wash they will become fit.

T-shirts, underwear, and other cotton clothes: After you wash the gears if it is of cotton hen it will get shrink. So it is recommended not to buy the appropriate size, but some clothes of cotton are elastane so you can also purchase usual size.

Shirts and blouses with a collar: Buy your shirt according to your collar. If there is no space between the neck and collar, then you should go for one big size. Because there are chances that collar will get shrink after washing.

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Clothes that you can buy on a smaller scale:

Knitted garments: The clothes will get stretch in any way, and it does not matter what type of clothes you are buying. So you should go for the knitted garments that have the one size smaller than others.