Some Amazing techniques for smokey eyes


Best techniques for smokey eyes-The ‘smoky eye’ is a classic makeup look, dating back even to the times of Ancient Egypt. And now, girls far and wide still adore this style because of its sexy and entrancing effect. Because of this, many of us try to master the art of the smoky eye makeup. Or at least, the basics. Still, you may find it somewhat difficult to achieve that perfect look, especially when you see it in your favourite celebrities and models on Instagram. But fear not! For we have the article that’s just for you! Behold, the secret of to perfect smoky eyes!

Best techniques for smokey eyes

White it Out!

Best techniques for smokey eyes

You know, usually, when people say ‘smoky eyes’, the first colours that come to mind are black and grey. But the thing is, no rule limits it to only these two colours. A white eyeliner along your waterline can make your eyes look bigger than it usually will without it. You could also try highlighting it with white kohl to compliment that dark shades.

Don’t Wear Dark Lipstick

You may adore the dark, smoky shades of your eyes, but it doesn’t mean that you should overdo the darkness of your look up to your lips. As you may have also observed, smoky eyes usually go with light-coloured lipstick. Don’t go over the top with your bronzer or blush either. Try to keep it light and simple. After all, you already have your smoky eyes.

Highlight the Right Places

Knowing how to use a highlighter is essential. But it’s also necessary to know where to highlight. So make sure to use your highlighter in the right places: on the centre of your lid, the inner corner, and under your arch.

Mix it Up A Bit!

You can’t just apply the same style of makeup every single day. Even when you’ve mastered the smoky eyes, you should still learn to mix things up a little. Also, there are different kinds of this style to choose from, and one may not be appropriate for every occasion. For example, the sort of smoky look you usually wear at parties may not be fitting while you’re at a wedding. You could use a copper brown shade instead of the black one to make it look a little brighter.

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Racoon Eyes Are Different

Okay, so there’s a big difference between smoky eyes and looking like a racoon. As we’ve said before, black isn’t the only colour you should, and you can use. So try not to apply too much eyeliner or kohl on your lower lashline and tear line.

The Final Touch

Okay, so you’re done with your eyes, and now for your finishing touches. This look goes well with a sort of rosy complexion, so dab on light and rosy blush that suits you the most, and then voila!

Go Easy with the Eyeliner

Girls, you need to chill with the eyeliner. Seriously, even if you’re aiming for a cat eye look, don’t draw it way too much towards the hairline.

Choose the Look You’re Aiming For

Before you even start working on your eyes, you have to have a specific style that you want to do. By doing this, you don’t blindly experiment and end up with a ton of wet wipes and smudged eyes. You’re free to copy the looks of your favourite celebs, YouTubers or models. And don’t ever forget about your eyebrows!