Situations Under Which Your Girl Will Not Understand Or Forgive You


Tips to avoid fight in relationship-Relationships are tough; I get it. If you have ever been in a relationship, you probably know about all the emotional rides it takes you through. Some little nuances creating a huge fight, misunderstandings, lack of communication, are all part of a relationship.

If you often end up thinking, “Does he love me?”, “Why doesn’t she have time for me?”, “He is not treating me the way I should be treated.”, Then you may need to take a moment aside to re-evaluate your relationship.

The primary thing which makes the relationship grow strong is communication. Do you not like one of his friends? Go straight up to him and tell him that.

Do not create unnecessary spaces which only you yourself can fill. Today I am going to give you some pieces of advice to control certain situations that may lead to a fight or emotional stress.

Best tips to avoid fight in relationship

Quarells or assaults?

Best tips to avoid fight in relationship

Fights are perfectly normal in every relationship. Sometimes they even make your relationship stronger. If your girl doesn’t like it when you come late on a date or your man is irritated by the fact that you take longer that Cinderella to get ready, then it is all quite normal.

However, there are certain situations or things that one should never put up with. If your man hits you then, there is no excuse for such an outrageous step. If he swears a  lot at you, you need to end it because people who respect you, will never go to such extents.

Do not be afraid to leave an abusive relationship because, the longer you stay in that toxic relationship, the longer it will take the scars to go away.

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A strange sense of humour or discrimination?

Different people have a different sense of humour and if your partner laughs at some silly jokes, its okay. But does your partner enjoy a huge laugh on a racial, sexual or social joke that is bound to offend everyone but your partner? Then, girl, you need to re-assess. Try your level best to communicate that such jokes cause much intolerance and even encourage hatred around the world. If your partner still thinks that a specific race or category of people deserve to be laughed at, then it is better to give up and start looking for a wise person.

Care or control?

If after a date your special someone offers you a ride home then he is most probably concerned for your safety, and that is okay.

But if your partner forbids you to leave alone without him, then that is a different story altogether. Some women and men try to control every move of their partners therefore not granting him/her the personal space to which they have a right.

You cannot forcefully ask someone’s password if your partner is unwilling to provide you with that information. “I care for you a lot, and that’s why I want to know about everything you do”, is a crappy excuse to hide one’s insecurities.

If you somehow feel trapped with no space to breathe or are scared in the presence of your partner, then you need to quit that relationship immediately.

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A lack of affection or insults?

I know that words of appreciation warm our hearts and it’s a bonus if they are coming from your partner. However, some people cannot communicate love in words, but if their actions throw buckets full of love towards you, then you don’t need to worry.

The worrying cases are when your partner continually tries to put you down or insults you in front of your friends and colleagues then that is not at all acceptable. You should not put up with all the insult and embarrassment a person puts you through.

Friends or “friends”?

People do get jealous sometimes when in a relationship for their better half. It is normal. Your man is going to have female friends and colleagues, and you might get jealous from time to time, but if your love is stronger than this little banter, then you will battle through it all.

But sometimes your sixth sense and some actions of your guy does give away that he may be involved with someone else. It sometimes might turn true. You need to judge his actions correctly.

Are there any of the above signs in your partner? If yes, trust your gut and do what needs to be done.