Best tips to become a selfie queen-You might be habitual in taking selfies. Also, you might have to take at least 100 selfies to get a perfect one. That’s because only a few individuals know how to make themselves look good in a selfie. Here are some tips that will help you to click the perfect selfie each and ever time.

How to become a selfie queen?

1. Check yourself out in the mirror before clicking a selfie.

Best tips to become a selfie queen

First of all, you need to check whether everything is proper or not. Your hair, makeup, clothes and everything else should be nothing but perfect. Many girls have a habit of checking whether they look fine or not after clicking the first selfie, Why not save the effort of clicking a selfie by checking yourself in the mirror instead?

2. Let lighting do its magic!

Have you ever taken a selfie and wondered that ‘my skin is not actually this dull.’ We all have been through that. It’s the lighting which is at fault. You need to get proper light to click perfect selfies. Too little or too much light will ruin your selfie. You need just the right amount of light for clicking the perfect selfie!

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3. Check the background!

To ensure that your selfie is perfect, You need to check your background. At times it happens that there are some other individuals in the background which makes your selfie look excessively occupied. You need to avoid that. You need to be the focus of your selfie and avoid giving attention to other individuals in the background.

4. Reflect your confidence.

If you are not confident, it will reflect in your selfies. You need to adopt a proper posture so that your confidence can be seen in the selfies you click. If you are in a crowded room and you’re feeling shy, find some other place. You should make your confidence shine in your selfies.

5. Try editing

There are thousands of photo editing apps available nowadays. Choose the best editing app and don’t hesitate to fix some of the flaws in your selfies. You can easily make your pictures bright if they look too dull, or Just touch up your photos by using some cool filters. Never hesitate to do that.

6. Find the perfect angle

After experimenting a few times with different angles, you’ll be able to judge the best angle which suits your face. Maybe, holding the camera too high will make it look like you’re a head without a body. Holding the camera too low will highlight your double-chin and so on. You may try an angle that suits most of the faces. Try clicking a picture with your camera marginally lifted, with your chin cocked towards the camera. This will make your face look wrinkle free and slender. You may also try other angles to find out what suits you the best!

7. Try to make a silly face.

Though a simple grin never goes out of fashion, You may be bored of such pictures by now. Don’t stop experimenting. Try making different and silly faces while clicking selfies. You may try pouting, making a senseless face an so on. The possibilities are endless so why not try something you’ve never done before?