How To Look Perfectly Groomed At Work In 7 Easy Steps


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Being in a workplace requires a certain degree of sophistication that is necessary for productive work. Regardless of whether your office has strict formals rule or is a bit casual in its approach to clothing, it is essential that you look put together to portray confidence and competence. But just dressing up does not mean that you look well-groomed. The secret lies in the little details. Read on to know more.

  1. Take care of your hands

It does not make a good impression when you shake someone’s hands, and you feel the dryness of their skin. Take care of your hands by investing a good quality hand and cuticle cream for preventing dryness. Make sure that you apply moisturiser on your hands at regular intervals as frequent washing during the day tends to dry them out. Do not forget your sunscreen too.

  1. Regularly clean your bags and footwear

Since we splurge so much on handbags and footwear, it only makes sense that we should maintain them regularly too. Cleaning your bags and footwear at regular intervals would increase their life and make you less slobby. No one wants to see dirt stuck on your expensive leather shoes or gunk residing in your bag. Clear out your bags once in every two weeks and use a soft cloth to clean expensive leather bags and shoes with some leather protecting products.

  1. Tame the unruly baby hair

All your efforts in creating your look for the day would go to waste if you have unruly, frizzy baby hairs sticking out from your hairline. For a neat look, use some hair-setting spray and an old toothbrush to set them in place. Some clear mascara also works very well.

  1. Don’t forget your ears

Even though hair covers them, you do need to take care of the ears too. From taking off earrings before going for a shower to massaging them and getting the ear wax cleaned at regular intervals, ears need to be pampered too. So, do not forget to apply moisturiser and foundation on your ears when you are prepping yourself up.

  1. Work on the little imperfections

The beauty lies in the details. So, cut any extra thread sticking out of your clothes and remove that stray eyebrow hair. From chipped nails to a not-so-crisp collar, put in a little extra effort to shine through.

  1. Q-tips are your saviours

Always keep a few Q-tips handy as they can be your knights in shining armour. From cleaning the inner corner of your eyes to re-shaping the messed up eyeliner using a bit of makeup remover, you never know when you can need them.

  1. Wear your ‘IT’ thing

Whether it be your favourite neckpiece or that lipstick that looks like a million bucks on you, there is one ‘IT’ item in our closet that sky-rockets our confidence. Be sure that you wear it and slay at your workplace.