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The US has some of the world’s most lucrative sports, with annual global income tipping well into the billions and this brings the potential of some serious gains when it comes to sports betting from the professional leagues to betting on the NCAAF. From the number of games played each season, the players, and team rankings to the chance of a decent return on your betting investment, we scope out which are the best US leagues to put your money on.


With a global audience of over 800 million, basketball is an American sport with worldwide appeal, bringing in around $7.4 billion a year. And for the sports bettor, the National Basketball Association is a slam dunk when it comes to one of the best US leagues to put your money on. This fast-paced league has 30 franchises playing over 1,200 games in a season, which is significantly more than the NFL. And more games mean that there’s more chance of getting your betting strategy on point. However, more games can also mean more inconsistency in the players’ performance which can add an extra challenge for the sports bettor to get it consistently right.


The National Football League is top of the bill when it comes to sporting revenue, bringing in over $13 billion every year to make it one of the most lucrative sports in the world. And, with football also being one of the most predictable sports, with a little research and knowledge, it is possible to place a successful NFL sports bet. The beauty of the NFL is that, along with college football, it represents the most value to bettors across all bet types. The most popular bets placed on the NFL are spread bets, as well as Moneyline – a straight bet on who you think will win. However, with fewer games per season than other US league sports, there is a reduced margin of error when it comes to consistently picking that winner.


Major League Baseball offers the sports bettor ample opportunity to hone their betting strategy, with over 2,430 games played in a single season. And this means the MLB can be one of the most profitable sports, with a side to win the most common type of wager. With so many games and 30 teams to research, a little planning and team form knowledge can go a long way when betting on the MLB. But with the season typically running from late March to early October, you will get plenty of opportunities to test out and fine-tune your betting strategy.

Major League Soccer

And finally, to the Major League Soccer which, while not having the same global draw as the dominating Premier League or the European leagues, can be a lucrative curveball when it comes to betting on the US’s home-grown teams. A little more niche compared to the other US sporting leagues, this can give the sports bettor the advantage, and the chance to use well-thought-out strategies to maximize on your wager return. And with fewer teams – there are currently 26 in the MLS – there is more overall value in a straight win bet as long as you take the time to do your research.