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For most of us, a large percentage of shopping now takes place online. For most things such as groceries or even clothing, this is relatively straightforward, but when it comes to jewelry, it can be more challenging. When choosing any form of jewelry, whether it might be a necklace, earrings or a ring, it is often down to personal choice. It is complicated more when accurate measurements are required, such as in the case with a ring.

Here is our simple guide on how to get your ring size at home. It will help to ensure that you get a ring that not only looks great but also fits perfectly. The most important factor is obviously that the ring fits comfortably. Still, it would be best if you remembered that your size will alter marginally depending on temperature and the time of day.

Rule of Thumb

Men’s ring sizes range from a size 8 to 10 with the average size in the United States being a size 10. However, the ranges for women are more varied from a size 3 to 9 with a size 6 being the average globally. However, like with most things, it is crucial that you get the exact measurement and not plumb for industry averages. There are several ways that you can accurately measure ring sizes yourself, and some of the most common are outlined below.

Use a ring sizer

Most reputable jewelers, either high street stores on online retailers, will be happy to send you with a free ring sizer and this will give you your exact ring measurement. Most will come with a size chart as well as a cut-out ring sizer along with full instructions on how to complete the measurement. It is worth noting however, this won’t take into account bandwidth or different styles of ring.

How to get the most accurate measurements

Most people’s fingers are the largest and warmest at the end of the day, so this is the best time to take a measurement. It will prevent your ring from being too tight during the night, which can affect circulation. We would also advise that you take the size on at least three occasions for greater accuracy. Comfort is the most crucial factor, but your ring should require a little force to be removed to prevent the ring inadvertently sliding off when your hands are cold.

Standard US sizes

Most of the leading jewelry websites will list ring sizes in US standard sizes, but it is possible to download ring conversion charts should you know your ring size in Europe or the UK, for example.

What if the ring is a surprise?

Of course, one of the most frequently purchased rings is an engagement ring. More often than not, the band is bought for a surprise proposal so finding your future fiancé’s ring size can be more challenging. Here are some tips for finding her size without needing to ask.

Use string

Wrapping a piece of string around your girlfriend’s ring finger while she is asleep is the favored approach for many. However, this may be difficult if she is a light sleeper, and you also need to take into account that her fingers on her dominant hand are likely to be larger. While on the face of it, this may seem straightforward, it is often far from it!

Trace an existing ring

Tracing one of your partner’s existing rings is another option. Once again, this can appear more manageable than it is. Which finger does she wear that particular ring on and whether she still wears the ring needs to be factored into the equation. It is something that requires advanced planning and good observation skills.

Take one of her rings with you

If you are confident that you know which rings your lady currently wears and which finger they are worn on, you could take the ring to a jeweler for an accurate measurement. Take care that she doesn’t worry that the ring is missing; otherwise, you may have to come clean about your plans!

Getting the correct fitting

It should go without saying that getting the ring to fit correctly is essential. A ring that is too tight can cause circulation problems. It is something that frequently happens with engagement and wedding rings as they are often worn 24/7 and increases in finger size may go unnoticed. In these circumstances, twisting the ring or applying some form of lubrication such as soap or oil can help. Cooling the finger is also an option, but the ring may also contract slightly. Should the finger swell, seek medical advice.

Rings that are too large can be easily lost, and due to their cost and the sentimental value, it is something which you should be at pains to avoid. If the ring is too large, we would strongly advise that you get it resized. Although some people worry about losing some gold from the ring, this should be countered by the cost of the ring becoming permanently lost. While they can be insured, it is impossible to replace the history and meaning associated with the ring.

Considerations with resizing

Most bands, including engagement and wedding rings, can be resized relatively easily. However, designs that are more intricate or delicate, as well as some eternity rings, may not be suitable for resizing. It is also worth noting that resizing will weaken the ring and it will never return to 100% the quality it was when it was initially made. For this reason, each ring should only be resized once and emphasizes why it is so essential to get the ring size correct in the first place.

Where possible, we would suggest that you get your size taken professionally by a reputable jeweler who will be properly equipped with the correct tools. Most will be happy to discuss your requirements and will conduct the measurements free of charge. If you do have further questions, we recommend speaking to a professional who can make suggestions on how you can measure your ring size at home.