7 Best Ways To Lose Weight Without Altering Your Diet


Best ways to lose weight-For losing the weight, we always think that the woman would have to eat a lot of fruits and parsley whenever she goes for the workout. Well, the fact is not false. It is because losing weight is difficult to reach the desired results even if you do not eat healthy food or do some physical exercise. But here we are with facts for losing weight which explain that we do not always go to the gym. Also, you will not require to change your diet or start to eat the red plate from today itself.

Here are some facts that trick you to lose weight without even to limit your food and without doing exercises.

Not eating the food from red plates

7 Best Ways To Lose Weight Without Altering Your Diet

It turns out to be a little strange for us. But it is a fact that people believe not to eat food from red plates. They prefer to go for blue or white ones. It is because the red color is for prohibition and then people will eat less as they get a signal to stop eating. The participants got to eat cookies from red, white, and blue plates. The one who got red plate ate a lot lesser than other people. And also they were not eating healthy food. Hence we will recommend you to eat on a red plate only when you prefer unhealthy food.

Drinking juice from narrow and long glasses

Well, you will find fun and some scientifically proven facts. Many people like drinking from long and narrow top glasses. It is because they will drink 25-30% lesser than others with large high glasses. Also, many other people think it to be an optical illusion that would always trick your brain in many cases. It is a fact by the American scientist Brian Wansink. Many tests including the professional bartenders have shown by pouring into the low and full glasses as the results.

Remove the unhealthy food from the sight.

The researchers have shown that if people will keep on thinking or seeing high caloric food in their diets, then they will gain a lot of weight rather than losing it. They will keep on hiding the unhealthy food for themselves and later keep the fruit out. With that, the sight for the tasty and unhealthy food will increase along with the sense of hunger and temptation which would make you eat even more than before. Hence it is advisable to see only healthy food in your home and in front of your sight.

Eat proteins and include them in your diet.

If you eat protein-rich food, then it might even kill your hunger in a faster way. The researchers have proved that if you will increase 15% of proteins in your diet, then it would reduce eating 440 calories in your food. Hence you will manage to lose at least ten pounds off in the average data accordingly in twelve weeks. It would not even let you limit your food. The food items that are rich in proteins are milk, meat, fish, red meat, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, beans, and chicken.

Chew the mint gum when you feel slightly hungry.

If you feel a slight hunger, then you would try to eat unhealthy snacks. You must go for chewing the sugar-free mint with the flavored bubble gum. The flavor of mint is to reduce the functioning of the taste buds. And with that your desire to eat something tasty will disappear in no time.

Add the ice to the drinks

All the drinks and food that we intake will get heated up according to the body temperature. It is the process known as thermoregulation which helps in burning off the calories. It will even heat your body as the more food you eat and hence the more calories it will burn. You should add on some ice to the drinks and also drink them with the help of the straw. Cold food might even burn the calories in the body.

Sleeping enough is one of the best ways to lose weight

According to the test results, it was out that people who sleep less than six hours at night will eat more caloric food and hence gain more weight. So it is advisable to sleep properly.