How to straighten your hair naturally without any damage


Best ways to straighten your hair naturally-If we survey to know the choice of the girls regarding their hairstyles, we will get mostly the same responses. Most girls like the straight hair and they make efforts for it. Sometimes they are found to face the side effects of their efforts.

This is painful that the girls have to cry after fulfilling their desire. All they need is a perfect solution which can give them benefits only. There are various ways to straighten our hair, but our girls are not so aware of them. In this article, we will tell you three ways to straighten your hair with the natural ingredients which are away from the side effects.

Ways to straighten your hair naturally

  • Oil mask solution

How to straighten your hair naturally without any damage

You are needed to collect olive oil, castor oil, and burdock oil. Now you have to mix an appropriate quantity of these three oils and to prepare a hair mask. Preheat the mixture in the water vapour and then apply the mask to your whole hair. Make sure that you are applying the oil from the top to bottom if your hair and having a shower cap on your head. Leave your hair with the mask for about 40 minutes and then wash.

  • Olive oil mask solution

Take olive oil and butter together. Mix them and give some heat to warm them. Now apply this mask to your hair and leave for 40 minutes. Put a cap on your hair to create a greenhouse effect. Wrap your thin film with the towel.

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You should do this mask before going to bed so that your hair could be with the mask for the whole night. Wash your hair in the morning with the shampoo. Make sure you are using cold or normal water.

  • Acetic mask solution

Take two tablespoons of vinegar and one tablespoon of oil together. You can choose olive or almond oil as your preference. Now mix unboiled but warm water in this mixture.

Apply this mask to your hair and wash after 40 minutes.