Prevent hair loss due to smoothing-Frizzy hair is annoying because they are out of control and drive, us, women crazy. However, there are a ton of solutions available just at the doorstep of your hairdresser.

You have uncountable options to choose from to get rid of that ugly frizziness. Smoothing is the best way out of that frizz, and that’s what most women prefer. Yes, you can get those lustrous, smooth hair after just an appointment of 2-3 hours with your hairdresser. Check here also how to turn your grey hair into natural color.

The problem, however, enters where there are hundreds of other options when comes it to smooth. It becomes difficult for you to find just the right one,

and more often than not women fall for the harmful schemes which can give their hair some shine for a month or two and then leave them with over dryness and a lot of unfixable damage to the hair.

If you also plan on smoothing your hair or have gotten this treatment in the near past, then you need to understand and stick by certain specifics if you want to take good care of your hair.

It is believed that smoothing is a better option than straightening as it does not change the hair type instead makes it more aligned.  To prevent hair damage and hair fall after the treatment, you need to keep some critical points in your mind.

Prevent hair loss due to smoothing

Prevent hair loss due to smoothing

The word ‘Keratin’- Is it just a marketing gimmick?

Prevent hair loss due to smoothing

Keratin is the building block of your hair, but it is not some magical remedy to get rid of the frizz. All the keratin treatments are not going to restore the protein in your hair. It is not going to give you the strands you have always wanted.

Do not fall prey to every hair product or treatment that goes by the name of ‘Keratin’. Something you ladies, do not know is that those treatments and products are not all keratin but its combination with different chemicals which may or may not sit well with your hair. Be careful and always cross-check with your salon about the Keratin agent they are going to use on your hair.

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Look out for formaldehyde gas levels in your treatment.

Keratin treatment may help you grab that lost shine back, but the fumes from the formaldehyde can cause your hair a lot of harm in the form of damage and hair fall. The heat used can reach the cuticles and cause damage to it too.

What salons mostly do is they fuse the hydrolysed Keratin mixed with other chemicals with your natural hair Keratin by locking in it with the help of heat. On your side, you may contact the salon and get the information about the formaldehyde products they are using. If they tell you that they are using none of it, then you should be aware of the alternative they have chosen because they need a smoothing agent for the treatment.

Formaldehyde alternatives.

Now, there are formaldehyde alternatives present to your surprise, and with a little knowledge at your hand, you can be saved from the damages of hair caused due to weak cuticles.

Commit to a little bit of research, and you will find a variety of new hair smoothing treatments that do not use formaldehyde as their smoothing agent, such as, Goldwell Kerasilk, Trissola Solo, Supersilk Smoothing System and Cezanne Perfect Finish.

Check with your salons if they use any of these treatments or a treatment similar to these with similar procedures or ingredients. These treatments do not use Formaldehyde but glyoxylic acid to lock your strands into smoothness.

As good as it sounds, the other side of its coin says that they are not as powerful as their harmful alternative and the smoothness will also not last that long. But you need to go for them because they will not cause as much damage to your hair as the formaldehyde.

Restrict the number of salon treatments

You need to cut down on the regular hair treatments that you happily go for and cause even more damage to your hair than the previous times.

Just as it is not reasonable to use heating equipment that often, reduce the number of treatments that you get. If you have already treated your hair with smoothing, then avoid those regular touch-ups. Minimize the smoothing therapies to only three times a year if you do not want chemicals damaging all your hair.

Post-treatment TLC: Deep condition your hair in between treatments

After you come out with a smoothing treatment looking all flawless, it is your job to maintain that. The follow-up routine after treatment should be spot on from your side if you do not want to damage your hair.

It means to condition and hydrate your hair with nourishing ingredients properly. Do not depend on all the salon products for the same. Find out about some products(organic or chemical) that will shield your hair against any damage. Be sure that the shampoo that you use does not contain any sulphate or sodium which dissolves keratin.

Never wash your hair with warm water, use lukewarm water instead and finish it off with a cold rinse. You can always use leave-in conditioners or serums that contain keratin, collagen or polypeptides that help strengthen your hair. Using humectants will help retain moisture, or you can use emollients such as silicones or oils that will prevent damage and maintain the shine.

Sleep on a silk pillow

The normal cotton ones cause friction with your hair and thus result in breakage. To prevent this, you can use silk pillows; the fabric is not going to cause any friction that may end in hair damage.

This is the right way to prevent the damage of your treated hair and make the treatment last longer. I know the silk covers may look a little tacky in your charming bedroom but the solution for that is to replace the cotton cover with the silk ones when you go to bed and in the morning swap it again.

So, here are all the preventions that you need for keeping your treated hair free from damage. Do not worry, if you stick to this routine, you are going to have a noticeable change. Share your thoughts in the comments below.