Biggest dating fails of all times!


Being in a relationship is a very difficult task! It demands time, commitment, dedication and you have to abide by certain rules and restrictions! And even after putting in all the efforts, you’re not sure that you’ll have a successful relationship. Dating is full of ups and downs!


Here are some of the biggest dating failures of all times. Make sure to learn from them and never repeat these mistakes in your life.

1 .Money, Honey!

Some girls are like a burden on their guy! Don’t be too demanding!


2. Too many surprises!

Too many surprises cost you time, money and efforts!


3. Know his true intentions!

Notice the unsaid, and you’ll get all the answers!


4. Watch out for the hints!


5. Overconfidence ruins everything!

Don’t be overconfident, or else you’ll have to face the consequences yourself!


6. Everything changes with time.

Learn to embrace the change. Nothing remains static.


7. Pet-ty issue!

Beware of pets. They may also be the cause!