You don’t restrict yourself to hugging your partner in a certain way, but the way you hug them the most tells a lot about your relationship with them! Yes, even a simple thing such as hugging may make someone find out about the type of relationship you have!! So let’s see how hugging is connected to your relationship.


Putting your hand in your partner’s pocket

Hugging that way tells that you are airy and adequate against your partner. Afterall, you won’t put your hand in your partner’s pocket to check if there’s any money!


Looking into their eyes while hugging!

It shows that you have a genuine love and connection towards your partner and, You don’t want to share them with anyone else ever!


Putting your arm over their shoulder

It suggests that you consider them your best friend first and the partner later. You are indeed a person they can rely on.


Patting their back!

This is another type of hug which suggests that you are best of friends!


Wrapping your arms around their waist!

If you hug them from a back or wrap your arms around their waist, it shows that you are protective of them. You’ll always be by their side in their bad times!


Hugging tightly!

Tight hugs suggest that you love the other person immensely and you never want to lose them ever! They mean a lot to you and you can never let them go. While maintaining a distance while hugging suggests that you’re still unsure about your feelings for them.