Through your zodiac signs best explained reasons why people hurt you


Break up according to zodiac sign-After facing a hard heartbreak every one of us has that one question “Why that person did this to you? Where were you lacking behind due to which you face a heartbreak every time? So here we have mentioned some best-explained reasons behind your breakups and too related to your zodiac sign. Yes, your zodiac sign plays a major role in this. How? Just have a look.

1) Aries
People having this zodiac sign are generally selfish and never admit their mistakes. These people are always busy with themselves ignore others and these results at the end of their relationship with their partners.

break up according to zodiac sign
2) Taurus
You are over-possessive and expect very high from your partners. You always try to dominate your partner. This is probably the reason why you faced a breakup.

break up according to zodiac sign3) Gemini
You are so careless and free that you never express your feelings towards your partner which led him/her in a state of confusion regarding you and relationship. Not taking your relationship seriously is the major reason behind the end.

break up according to zodiac sign
4) Cancer
You are very sensitive and defenseless. You make your decisions according to what your heart says and that’s what makes you impractical in nature. You never stand against your partner if he/she is wrong, ending up hurting yourself.

break up according to zodiac sign
5) Leo
You are a huge attention seeker and wishes for everyone’s eyes on you. If you don’t get so you change yourself which your partner generally not accepts. This results in heartbreak.

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break up according to zodiac sign
6) Virgo
You are a born-perfectionist and always like to do things in a proper and perfect way. You are not so romantic and love your partner in a practical and service-oriented way. These habits of yours are not accepted by your partner.

7) Libra
These people are those who have very high hopes in life. You devote your focus and attention to so many aspects of life that you are bound to neglect some of them. Due to this sometimes the relationship is not your priority which leads to its end.

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break up according to zodiac sign
8) Scorpio
You are passionate about your love but this may be converted to jealousy. You also expect the same amount of love in return which may not be possible always. This ends your relationship as it became too suffocating.

9) Sagittarius
These people can never stick in one place and always love to roam around. They expect the same things from their partner but their high expectations will get them into trouble.

10) Capricorn
You are a very determined and goal-oriented person. This is one of the biggest reasons for the failure of your relationship.

11) Aquarius
These people are very smart. You always have witticism on the tip of your tongue. This led you to a heated argument with people who can destroy your relationship.

12) Pisces
You are a giver and can give up everything for the sake of your love. All you wish for a true love i.e. a love which is based on emotional relations not on physical. But this increases your desire day by day which always results in an unsatisfied mood of yours. This gives you a broken heart.