In business since 2005, Brilliant Earth is known as the leading provider of ethical diamonds and jewelry. All of their offerings, including their packaging, are responsibly sourced. It is for this reason that many of Brilliant Earth’s diamonds sell at a premium.

However, the question is, are their diamonds better than those offered by traditional jewelers? To answer this question, we will look at the quality of their jewelry and their diamonds’ sourcing. In doing so, this Brilliant Earth review will come to a determination on whether it’s worth paying their premium.

Reviewing the Quality and Price of Brilliant Earth’s Jewelry

Brilliant Earth sells fine jewelry; therefore, we cannot compare their offerings to those offered by discount jewelry stores. Instead, we have to compare what is sold by Brilliant Earth to what is sold by other fine jewelry stores, both by physical retailers and online. When we do this, we find that Brilliant Earth’s jewelry prices are comparable to similar retailers.

The craftsmanship that Brilliant Earth offers is beyond reproach, as affirmed by the many positive reviews their pieces have garnered. All their jewelry is hand-drawn in their San Francisco design studio before being crafted by their master jewelers. Popular designs include the Twisted Vine, the Elodie, and the Aria. Customers can also customize their jewelry to their specifications. This ensures that each piece of jewelry is tailored expressly for the individual.

Brilliant Earth stands behind the quality of their jewelry, offering a lifetime warranty against design defects. Additionally, they also offer customers 30 days to return their jewelry for a full refund.

Reviewing the Sourcing of Brilliant Earth’s Diamonds

The Kimberly Process was established in 2003 to stop the trade of conflict diamonds. They define conflict-free diamonds as diamonds that weren’t involved in the funding of civil wars. However, Brilliant Earth goes beyond adherence to the Kimberly Process when sourcing its diamonds. They call their diamonds “beyond conflict-free” because, in addition to not selling diamonds used to fund civil wars, they guarantee that their diamonds come from mines that are free of human rights abuses. They also promise that the diamonds come from mines that pay fair wages and have safe labor practices. Furthermore, they say their diamonds come from mines that perform their mining in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Brilliant Earth uses blockchain technology to track the origin of all its diamonds. This allows them to track each diamond from the moment it comes out of the ground to the time it arrives in their store. As a result, they can state with confidence the origin of every diamond they offer customers.

In addition to beyond conflict-free diamonds, Brilliant Earth also offers lab-made diamonds. Lab-made diamonds are an ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to mined diamonds.

Lab-made diamonds are real diamonds, but instead of being created by natural processes, they are grown in a laboratory environment. This environment duplicates the conditions under which diamonds develop in the ground. These diamonds consist of carbon atoms that have been arranged in a diamond crystal structure. As a result, they show the same optical and chemical properties as mined diamonds. Essentially, you can’t tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond.

Additionally, Brilliant Earth further demonstrates conscientiousness for the environment through its packaging. Their ring boxes consist of responsibly sourced natural wood, and the packaging they use for shipping is FSC certified. FSC certification ensures that materials have come from responsibly managed forests.


The pricing of Brilliant Earth’s diamonds is comparable to other fine jewelry retailers. However, their jewelry’s quality and the sourcing of their diamonds set them apart from their competition. The quality of their jewelry is frequently praised in customer reviews. This is likely due to the fact that they hand draw all their designs before the jewelry is crafted into being by master jewelers. Furthermore, the fact that they source their diamonds in a manner that is not just conflict-free but that is also ethical and environmentally friendly adds a great deal of intrinsic value to their jewelry. Therefore, we conclude that it is worth paying the premium for Brilliant Earth jewelry.