The Creative Artwork Illustrations of Cartoon Character Faces


Cartoon characters face painting-The illustrations of face and body are an outstanding way that can help you to reflect your inner courage to show the other people around you, your wicked spirit of art.

A better known as an Instagrammer, Annie Thomas, with her Instagram account with around 48k followers, she shares her creative artwork with all interested boys and girls and other interested people who need idea and motivation to start this artwork.

We have collected the pictures of her creative artwork from her account which will help you to realise yours. Let us have a look at these cartoon character face as painting tutorials.

Cartoon characters face painting

Cartoon characters face painting

In the above picture, she has defined the upper part of the lips in the black line by choosing the size of the lips you want to have in your art.

In the second picture, she has done the same for the under eye caps. She has drawn the under eyes with black line according to the size you want in your picture.

It’s the third picture here. It is the time for the neck part. Do the same to draw the under neck part with the black line according to the size of the neck you want in your picture.

After the neck part, the artwork comes to the shoulders and body shape. Again do the same for your upper joints and body shape. Draw the black outline as per the size you want and draw the complete body shape like this.

After completing the black outlining, now its time to paint your skin. Choose the appropriate colour you want to colour your skin. Then start painting the area between your skin and headpiece with the colour you have chosen.

After the headpiece, choose your favourite colour to paint your skin. Moreover, start brushing your skin with your favourite colour.

Let me help you here for under eyes colour. White is the perfect colour for always for the under eyes part. So choose the white colour for under eyes and start painting it with white colour.

To paint the body, she chose the pink colour. However, there are hundreds of colour; you can select any of the colour of your choice and start colouring your body.

To light up her neck, she chose a light blue colour. If you even have the same idea, then you can also choose a bright blue colour for the eyes.

She has also painted her shoulders with the same light blue colour. It’s evident that to look even; you need to colour the remaining part of the body with the same colour.

Now it’s time to paint the lips. Put your emphasis on lips to make them beautiful.

As we know, the eyebrows are the best indicator of emotions. So be careful with your eyebrows. The shape of your eyebrow will show what your character is right now feeling.

The colouring of your character is complete. Now go ahead, and give your character the essential details with painting its face further with different lines with different colour. It will clearly define your role.

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It’s fun. You can create more characters like this with your creativity.

Do you remember Buzz Lightyear Character? I am sure you would recognise him. Below we have brought the tutorial for you on how to become him. Let us have a look.

The first step is to put the head cap that you have chosen to wear.

Then start with the nose. So define the nose.

As you are becoming him, so his eyes position is not going to match with yours. So don’t worry. That is ok. You continue to draw the eyes.

Then draw to define your costume according to your idea and creativity. Modify the outfit with your thoughts.

Now it’s time to start painting your face.

Moreover, then colour different face parts.

It seems like you get to start his look.

Like the colour of magic, the purple colour is well known for that. So paint different body parts with the purple colour and bring some magic on you.

Now add different shades to it of your choice.

Add different elements according to your space costume.

Start dying your hair as per the costume. Moreover, get ready for another pair of the eye that we were taking earlier.

The shape of your eyebrow defines what your four eyes are saying about, so always choose the right form of the eyebrow.

You can try more funny characters like these illustrations given below.

Do this with your creativity.

Choose the right body shapes, colours, eyes, eyebrow shape to define the different expressions of your character.

It’s all fun. Try and do this creative artwork.