Artists Recreate Some Cartoon Network Stars as Grown-ups!


Cartoon network characters grown up-Get ready for a nostalgic ride. Do you miss the cartoons that used to entertain us all day long now that you are an adult? (Or barely qualify as one) Well, I miss them terribly, and I do not know about the kind of shit that the children are watching these days because in our days we had some kickass cartoons.

I wish I could go back to my childhood days and watch these all over again. But wait, can’t I just watch some of these on YouTube? Well, you know how my plans for today *winks*. Now, would you care to see what these cartoons look like when they all grow up into adults?

If yes, then let me tell you that that is precisely what’s going to happen in this article. This one is going to be quite impressive. Some creative creatures around us are here to make sure to entertain you with their recreated images of the grown-up cartoon stars that we used to adore. Grab some popcorn and let us begin.

Cartoon network characters grown up

Dexter, Boy Genius by Eich Chen

cartoon network characters grown up

Well, the geek has surely grown into a handsome thing, don’t you think? And oh! Look back at the shadow of her sister, quite inseparable aren’t they?

Old Man Bravo by Adnan Ali

cartoon network characters grown up

Ooohh! That’s a badass sketch. He hasn’t lost that muscular physique at all even in his old days. But I guess he still would be rejected by all the grandmas now. *grins*

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Ed, Edd n Eddy by Bloochikin

Oh! Look at the goofy trio in the image. Are you whistling too? *I meant the theme song*

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The Powerpuff Grown Ups Redesigned by Rich Fisher

I am not going to lie; I think the girls look pretty hot. I wish if the cartoon can continue with these three girls and an old Mojo Jojo (wouldn’t that be great?).

Ben 10,000 by Miguel Velarde

I can’t get myself to face the fact that the days in which the Ben 10 watches were a huge fad among children are so much in the past. He looks super buff though. Just how cartoon network characters grown up.

All grown up: Codename Kids Next Door by Isaiah Stephens

I wonder what happened to the tree house.

Captain Flapjack by Josceline Fenton

Well, he sure has some new adventures to share.

YA Powerpuffs by TheK40

Haha, this seems interesting too. I am this close to recreating some of the cartoons characters myself.

Steven Universe by Jorn Siberian

Look how he has grown all young and goofy.

The Teen Adventures of Billy and Mandy by Ceshira

This is by far the fascinating one in my opinion.

Dexter and Dee Dee Ego Trip Redesigns by Wickfield

Dexter has always been the saver that he is through his experiments and Dee Dee has always been wrecking all his hard work. Some things never change. I wish I could see some more of their adventures as oldies. That would be so entertaining. What say?

Old Mojo Jojo by Patcas

Oh, Lord! Mojo Jojo cannot be that terrifying. He was evil, but this picture sure overdramatizes it. What do you guys think?

Mac and Frankie Foster by Aeolus06

Don’t they look adorable all grown up?

Veteran Commandos Mordecai and Rigby by ifesinachi orjiekwe

Mordecai and Rigby sure spend a lot of time in the gym, it seems. Also, what are they even up to?

Finn and Marceline Grow up by malengil

Another creative job is done here.

Doesn’t it feel amazing when anything from our childhood crops up in our minds and we kind of want to plunge towards it? It was too nostalgic for me to write and I’m going to see some of these right now. However, you guys do not forget to point out which ones did you find interesting and which ones you wish continued? Which was your entertainment camp in your childhood and which ones did you enjoy the most? Tell me everything in the comments section below.