The revised edition of your favorite cartoons collection


Revised edition of cartoon-Everybody has his own imaginary world of desires where he is the hero or leader of the other characters. Some of us create our fantasies from the inspirations of our favorite characters. Have a view on our back life to find out the awesome world of our imagination, totally we will see ourselves as the leader who helps everyone. There is only one condition for not being the leader when we suppose ourselves to be helped by our favorite hero. This beautiful little world has been most inspired by the cartoon characters. Watching cartoon series used to be the most favorite time pass of our childhood. Here we are going to present the revised edition of our cartoon characters as the scenes are exactly the same.

The revised edition of cartoon collection

Revised edition of cartoon

  • Snow white revised edition of cartoon Robin Hood

Snow White is the most beautiful princess of the cartoon characters. Maybe you used to be addicted to cartoons in your childhood and if yes, you must have heard Robin Hood as well. See this, isn’t the same?

  • Robin Hood vs. The Jungle Book

These dance scenes are totally similar.

  • 101 Dalmatians vs. The Jungle Book

These three dogs are showing the same impression in both pictures.

  • The Sword in the stone vs. The Jungle Book

This loving scene is totally the same in both.

  • 101 Dalmatians vs The sword in the stone

These comedies are very funny but are they not similar?

Now look this one from The sword in the stone-

  • The Truth about Mother Goose and The sword in the stone

The difference between these scenes is only the old and new versions.

  • Winnie the Pooh vs. The Jungle Book

I don’t know what to speak about copying here. Even I can’t say whether they are similar by chance or intentionally.

Now see Mogli here-

  • The Jungle Book vs. Winnie the Pooh

Here comes again a similar scene. Can you say it a coincidence?

  • The sword in the stone vs. The Princess and the Frog

One side is Louis the Alligator and another side is Madam Mim. They are doing the same activity. Guess copied whom? Of course, Mim did.

This is Louis the Alligator

This is Madam Mim

  • Alice in the Wonderland vs. Pinocchio

There may be a graphic difference but the location and the scene are exactly the same.

  • Sleeping Beauty vs. The Beauty and the Beast

These Disney princesses are the same. Even the fort is also look alike here.

  • Robin Hood vs. The Jungle Book

Here is one more similar scene in both cartoons. These animals are laughing in the same manner.