9 Celebs Wore Their Same Look Again And Look Stunning


Celebrities who have worn the same dress-Most celebrities are under public pressure, so they always look in a certain way. There is a rule that people will not wear the same clothes twice. Though some people ignore this rule and they wear their clothes several times in public. You can also wear a dress again if you feel comfortable and beautiful in it.

Here we will let you know some of the cases where celebrities have worn the same dress at the different events.

Padma Lakshmi

The lady, Padma Lakshmi looks stunning in her red dress. J. Mendel designed her dress in the year 2018 for the Emmy Awards ceremony. For many people, her image looked familiar. The picture was familiar because in the year 2017 she had already worn this red dress at the Vogue India Women Award. She said that her dress deserved that it should get worn again and again. If she wears her dress again, then it will show how precious is the gown for her.

Naomi Campbell is one of the celebrities who have worn the same dress at different events.

celebrities who have worn the same dress at different events

The actress, Naomi Campbell was shining in the beautiful silver Versace dress in the year 2015 at the “Fragrance Foundation awards. In these awards, the nominees got awarded for the significant achievements in the field of perfume. In the year 1998, she wore this dress for the first time. This dress looked stunning on her even though she has worn this dress after a long time.

Helen Mirren

Dolce and Gabbana have designed Helen Mirren’s black dress. Her dress got fully printed with green flowers. Helena Mirren has worn her black dress from the year 2013 to 2015. She has chosen the correct cardigans, shoes, and accessories which make her appear different and unique from others. She wore the elegant traditional style.

Helena Bonham Carter

The actress, Helena Bonham Carter always chooses her dresses by her sense of perception in the world. She has a unique sense of style. She appeared in her same dress at the different events. In March in the year 2010, she visited the premiere of the film Alice in Wonderland. At this premiere, she wore a scarlet atlas dress. She has worn the same dress in London at the BAFTA Awards and in Los Angeles for the same Awards at the tea party.

Susan Sarandon

The actress, Susan Sarandon has worn this beautiful dress with a beautiful print on the second of the Toronto International Film Festival at the premiere of the film The Last of Robin Hood. And two years later, she has again worn this dress at the Broadway premiere of the musical Hamilton in New York.

Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish, a stand-up comedian and an actress, has bought a white dress. Alexander McQueen has created her white dress for $4,000 in the year 2017. Since then she has worn this dress three times. In July, She has worn this white dress at the premiere of the movie Girls Trip, in November, she has worn on Saturday Night Live, and later on, she has worn this dress at The Oscars. Many other celebrities have supported this actress in choosing the same attire for the various events.

Sophia Loren

The Italian actress, Sophia Loren has worn her elegant black dress at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Her dress got designed with transparent sleeves. One year later, she again wore her same dress on the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Unification of Italy.

Keira Knightley

In the year, the actress, Keira Knightley has chosen a Chanel, tulle, and knee-length dress for her wedding attire. After the celebration, she again wore this dress on annual charity evening at raising funds for the rehabilitation of Children’s camps. This charity event is known as the “Serious Fun Gala.” At the next time, she wore this dress with long transparent sleeves.

Kristen Dunst

Christian Lacroix has designed Kirsten Dunst’s tiny lace dress. The actress, Kirsten Dunst has worn this little lace dress at the Vanity Fair party for The Oscars in the year 2014. After 13 years, she again wore the same look at the presentation of the new collection in Paris by “The Garden of Kalahari.”