6 Major Details That Would Make French Women Look Supreme


Rules of the style of a French woman. Parisian women are popular for their elegance and their style of wearing clothes. Well, our form depends upon how we carry our clothes. We all want to look flawless and attractive to others. But we can achieve our target only after we will know about the facts regarding it. But that not mean that you need to live on Montmartre. You need to go up with the simple and some precise rules regarding the style of French women.

Here we are to tell you about the biggest secrets that are not false regarding the Parisian women.

Parisian women wanted to wear elegant and comfortable shoes.

6 Rules of the style of a French woman

Young women of Paris will never go with the Spike heels and the high platforms. It is their level to think that even if they are on a date then also they will have to walk for long. They have to work for the entire day. No matter how much Parisian women love their style, first of all, they will go with their health needs. They will never go up with uncomfortable shoes. They will always go with the elegant looks that will be easy for her to carry for the whole day. It will even help her to impeccable style.

Parisian women will go with natural and light makeup.

No matter what can be the age or the status of the Parisian women, they will always prefer to go up with the natural beauty and styles. They still believe in the fact that we should ever live a unique style throughout our lifetime. They now how can they highlight those features. Also, if she will want to underline her beauty, she will go the quite mascara, a light-colored blush, and the lipstick which would turn their lips of natural shade. French women go with the thick layer of foundation, bright makeup, winged eyeliner, and bright lipstick only if she has to go for some party.

Women love to wear red-colored lip shade.

The fact 50 shades of rouge are the best to give a description that French women would always go with the red lipstick. If you go for checking the lip colors of every woman, then one natural shade you will find is of red. The magic band will also help you to go with the immediate transformation. If the girl has to go to the party in the evening time, but she does not have much time to go home and get ready, then she will put on the red shade of lipstick and hence the whole transformation is over for her.

Parisian women will go with the simple hairstyle.

Well, we all know that Parisian women do not want a perfect and smooth hairdo. It is much rare. It may turn out to be annoying for young women in Paris. The hair gets glued down in the form of a helmet. It could be comfortable with the hair styling products that would even leave the French women to get also puzzled, as we have mentioned it before that Parisian women value to have the natural looks every time. Thus they typically wear a messy ponytail along with a simple braid.

Parisian women will add some carelessness in her looks.

Parisian women will never want tight clothes. They will always go with the loose ones. Also, you will find them is in the unusual combination of clothes. The looks must not even turn to be impeccable, and you will see some other type of carelessness in them. It would set them to be charming. They would always follow the fact which says dress shabbily, and people will remember the dress. If you dress impeccably, then people will remember the woman.

Parisian women will go for the best hairstylist to style themselves.

Parisian women would go for cheap clothes than saving money on her hair. For her cloth price is not much important than her hairdo. It would help her fit the style and body, but she will never go with the bad haircut or coloration.