Check Out What The Shape Of Your Lips Tells About You


Shape Of Your Lips Tells About You-The color and architecture of your lips have a lot to say about you. It’s just like your personality traits that tell what kind of a person you are. Just as the words which come out of our mouth mold us into what we are, similarly our lips depict some of our characteristics. Scroll down to check out how well it determines yours!

Check Out What The Shape Of Your Lips Tells About You


  1. Big, Soft And Bulging lips

Shape Of Your Lips Tells About You


This type of lips portrays your affection and love for animals. You might have spent a lot of time feeding kittens and stray dogs in your childhood, right? This depicts your helpful nature and strong character. You have an altruistic nature and people matter a lot for you. It is observed that people with this kind of personality traits are said to become the best parents.


2. The Upper Lip Larger Than The Lower


This kind of lips depicts a drama queen personality. People having such lips are simple, emotional and charming. They are attractive in their own way. Such people are attractive and they love to catch their attention. They are usually intelligent and work out with things effectively.


3. The Lower Lip Larger Than The Upper


People with this type of lips are not meant to be the office working people. These people are fun loving, exciting and love to discover new places, new people, and the environment. Such people are free thinkers and love to take others opinion to bring out the best in them.

4. Simple, Normal Lips

If you have these lips, then you fall into the category of people who have balanced minds and great IQ. They are patient and listen to others carefully. Such people are sarcastic and have a good sense of humor. The positive attitude brings in goodwills to them and they love to laugh, talk and engage with other people.



5. Thin Lips

People with such lips are self-sufficient and do not like to engage with others. If you are someone with such lips then definitely you do not need a partner to keep you happy. You feel like home is the best place and you respect your near and dear ones a lot.


6. Sharp Philtrum Upper Lip

People with this kind of lips are born to artists. They are interested in music, art, and creativity. Who knows they turn out to be a great artist someday? They have an inbuilt capability to remember the things and faces of people for long. Being socially active and energetic, they tend to stay in contact with others and enjoy their lives.


7. Rounded Philtrum Upper Lip

The personality traits that should hit on your mind when you see this kind of lips are sensitive and compassionate and kind nature. People with such lips are thought to be very generous and helpful to others, especially when they are in tough situations. They are good decision makers and will travel the world one day!



8. No Philtrum


If you have this kind of lips then you are surely one of your types and nothing on this planet can stop you from doing what you want to do. You are someone for whom the word ‘impossible’ itself says ‘i m possible’. You are strong, determinant, and a keen observer.

9. Small Puffy Lips


Well before going into the personality traits, I must say that these lips look extremely cute. They look like they are egoistic and emotionally difficult to handle but in the long run, staying with them you’ll realize that they are one of the best categories of people. They will guide you and be compassionate in your good and bad times.



10. Thin Upper Lips

Thin lips depict some great qualities that you will want to know. These people have very good leadership quality and the capability to lead the crowd. They are convincing, They solve not only their own problems but also of others. They are the people who want to be someone rather than being with someone.


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